Core Security: Unveiling the Best VPNs for Your APPLE Device

In the digital era, with privacy issues and cyber threats being a constant concern, the importance of securing your online activity has only grown. The privacy-conscious and iPhone-wielding crowd in the APPLE ecosystem is no different. Although APPLE is one of the most innovative tech companies in terms of technology, the company’s failure to provide a solution to secure its devices using a built-in virtual private network (VPN) has left many disappointed and looking elsewhere online to secure their digital footsteps. In this article, we will dive into the world of VPNs for APPLE devices to gather some insights and to recommend ways to make your online world secure.

The APPLE Paradox: Advanced yet Vulnerable

APPLE devices, whose level of security is cutting-edge for many subsystems, are surprisingly laggardly when it comes to natively provided VPN service. The recent troubling news from security researchers and VPN providers regarding vulnerabilities in APPLE’s iOS that affect the security of VPN services raises the question of whether APPLE will ever offer iPhone users reliable VPN services since the security issues have not yet been addressed. The future of iOS is bright with the forthcoming iOS 17 boasting numerous improvements, but has it fixed the vulnerabilities noted above?

The Crucial Call for VPNs

When journalists, activists or others with potentially sensitive data need a VPN, an APPLE device is no longer enough. As appealing as Private Relay is, it is but a shadow of what a VPN can do. APPLE’s security arsenal, in other words, requires a third-party fix when it comes to ensuring digital privacy.

Handpicking the Best VPN for Your iPhone

Because there are many VPN options and most users aren’t too tech-savvy, deciding which is best can be complicated. Thankfully, the iPhone is compatible with the best VPNs available and is designed with simplicity in mind. From our extensive hands-on testing, we can confirm that for the most part, these VPNs are pretty heavily trimmed down in features and capabilities compared to what you’d find if its desktop or Android clients were used. However, even stripped down, we’re still talking about supremely secure VPN offerings to an iPhone user looking to use one of APPLE’s technology gadgets.

Top Picks: VPN Services for APPLE Devices

  • VPN One: The Protector of Purse-String Puppets If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly way to fortify your APPLE device, look no further than the unassuming VPN One. It features an APPLE‑friendly, easy-to-use iOS app.
  • Premium Protector: VPN Two – For the most discerning privacy-lover, VPN Two with split tunnelling provides APPLE air-tightness.
  • VPN Three: the Swingeing Girlfriend – For the flexible user: You’ll get your custom options and ironclad security here. VPN Three, for your iPhone.

Why APPLE Users Shouldn't Wait

With security threats evolving every day, having a VPN for your APPLE device is paramount, at least until APPLE starts natively integrating a comprehensive VPN solution into iOS in the near future. Doing so will not only provide adequate protection for your data, but also allow you to browse anonymously without attracting attention from spying eyes rooting through your personal business.

A Note to APPLE: The Path Forward

Now that APPLE has figured out how to make everything they sell even cooler than it was before, bundling a VPN service into iOS could make their products even more secure and private for users. Fixing this latest vulnerability, or two, but also adding an in-house VPN product could solidify APPLE’s reputation for security, and also provide an all-in-one, ready-for-anything, easy-to-use approach for creating a secure and private digital world.

Understanding APPLE's Legacy and Looking Ahead

APPLE hope to maintain this commitment to its customers at its core as it continues to work through the issues with VPN security and to fix the existing gaps in protection. This bold and unprecedented attack on user security and privacy will hopefully provide a wake-up call for APPLE to provide the impetus needed to close these gaps in the next iOS updates.

In the meantime, APPLE owners need to take the private driving wheel in their hands and pick a VPN that best suits their security needs and personal preferences. Times change, and so must our methods of protecting our online life. With the right VPN, your APPLE device can be a digital castle, with no one but you having the keys to its digital kingdom.


APPLE, Inc., a leader in the technology industry, designs and produces consumer electronic products, software and online services. A global corporation with a trackorative for top-notch design and advanced security features, APPLE’s products range from the iPhone to the iPad, Mac computers, APPLE Watch and APPLE TV. It is rare to see an exception in the armature of security that APPLE provides to its users. While APPLE takes immense care to protect the integrity and privacy of its data and those who use it, it is yet to embrace an integration of more thorough privacy protection measures such as a VPN into its products. By doing so, APPLE would become one of the few companies that truly supports user privacy in the tech industry.

Jun 06, 2024
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