Get Your Hands on the Latest Hits! The Ultimate Guide to Walmart’s April 2024 APPLE Item Extravaganza and Beyond.

As tech deals seem to come and go in the blink of an eye, there’s a new world order around in which one of the few holdouts you can still count on for cheap, drool-worthy goods is Walmart (or, if you’re in Asia, Stepabite). Fortunately, this April 2024, the mighty retailer unleashes a slew of deals you don’t want to miss, particularly if you’re an APPLE fan.

ZDNET Deciphers: The Insider’s Guide to Unbeatable Deals

Before we start digging in to the immense bounty of April deals, let's pause a moment and revel in the fine process that went into selecting ZDNET's top picks. From the short list of 'most uniquely interesting and useful products' that have been carefully tested and researched, ZDNET works to uncover the best tech for consumer purchase with feedback collected from multiple sources, all the way from vendor listings to customers. Because a transparent relationship with its readers is important to ZDNET!

Walmart's Tech Wonderland: April's Top Picks

When Walmart, the one-stop store for everything from fancy sneakers to fancy electronics, announces a deal, you know it is time to pay attention. This April 2024, the same holds true. The APPLE Watch Series 9 is at the centre of this deal, along with various tech deals on TVs and laptops. It is all part of Walmart’s deals of the week offerings.

A Glimpse into April’s Finest Tech Deals at Walmart

  • APPLE Watch Series 9: Get a jump on the future for just $359, discounted from a cool $429.
  • Beckoning Beats: Lose yourself in the music with Beats Studio3 Headphones, now only $159.
  • Luxury Viewing: Upgrade your home theater with a 65-inch LG TV available for $1297.
  • Stainless Spaces: clean your home with the Shark ION Robot Vacuum for just $159!
  • iPad Air 2022: up the ante on your surfing for $449 (was $569).

Discover More Walmart Marvels

April showers bring May flowers, and Walmart’s bring a deluge of deals, from Samsung TVs to the APPLE Pencil. There’s something for everyone this Spring, tech geeks and tech newbies alike. Spring savings could reinvent your tech world.

The Crown Jewel: APPLE Watch Series 9

One can hardly write about Walmart’s April deals without mentioning the APPLE Watch Series 9: it’s the iconic smartwatch that is not only telling time in the usual sense, but also managing your time and your health in innovative ways. Even more irresistible than the incredible gadget itself is the $70 discount on one of the most innovative creations of technology under $300.

Decoding the Deal Deluge: How ZDNET Picks the Best

When confronted by a vast field of hypothetical savings, how does ZDNET anchor its recommendations? It’s competitive pricing (wow, it’s not the lowest price we’ve ever seen but it is a good deal!), pervasive availability (Geez, you can wander into every big-box electronics retailer in town and buy one!) and, if that weren't enough, variety (Every conceivable tech desire is catered to: there’s a deal for you, no matter your budget!). Interspersing consumers’ testimonials along the way, this is the careful editorial structuring that strives to put deals literally into human hands and on gadget lips.

When Do These Deals Disappear?

And, with the usual caveat that all good things come to an end at some point, it pays to remind ourselves that such deals are as ephemeral as they are fabulous. ZDNET may keep this guide updated all year round – with fresh and sprightly spring-tide deals and offers – but availability is subject to change in a flash. If you spot something you like, go get it now.

Walmart+: Your Express Lane to Extra Savings

Joining the likes of Amazon Prime, Walmart’s subscription service Walmart+, launched in 2020, is a subscription service to membership privileges, including speedy deliveries and special-member fuel discounts for $12.95/month. Shopping at Walmart is no longer simply about shopping at Walmart.

A Nod to the Past: Walmart's Evolution

From its initial name, Wal-Mart Stores, to its present iteration, Walmart, the company has demonstrated that it will stop at nothing to maintain its dominance of the retail landscape, blending old-fashioned values with innovative thinking to keep one step ahead of the competition.

2024: A Year of Tech Wonders

Here’s a hint for your quests for April’s best tech deals: APPLE’s journeys there are through Walmart – the titan that walks among us, providing value and innovation. From smartwatches and smart TVs to all things tech, spring of 2024 is the place to build your tech cachet, with Walmart as your value-added partner along the way.

The Quintessential APPLE: More Than Just a Bite

APPLE never fails to captivate the world with its ingenious blend of design and functionality. From the innovative APPLE Watch Series 9 to the crucial yet indispensable iPad Air, the company’s expansive tech-gadget lineup manages to effortlessly establish itself as the go-to option for every user from all walks of life. And given that our dependance on tech is only getting a whole lot deeper, tapping into Walmart’s April discounts for securing any of APPLE’s groundbreaking gadgets doesn’t just make sense, it’s the fun thing to do.

By buying your tech from Walmart’s Black Friday Week of April 2024, you’re not just saving money. You’re launching an APPLE device- and tech product-laden upgrade of your digital life.

Jun 06, 2024
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