Unveiling the Giants: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect 32-Inch TV in 2024

Home entertainment is a minefield. Finding the TV for you can be akin to seeking a needle in a haystack thanks to the endless glut of choice, but in smaller spaces where a mammoth screen can’t sit comfortably, or where you need something to fill a wider-than-wide-angle gap, a 32in TV has a well-earned crown as a king of the small screen. Here, we’re aiming to help you find your favourite 32in TV for 2024 with unrivalled analysis and expert advice.


The Power of Reviews and Recommendations

If you’re trying to choose a 32-inch TV, sites such as ZDNET aggregate hours and hours of testing, research and other feedback into a decision tool. Amazon reviews (a crucial element of the whole feedback process) supply a ground-truthing from actual users – people who put up with the model for a while. You don’t just get a TV, you make a shared decision.

Navigating Through AMAZON’S Affiliate Ecosystem

Because of the symbiotic relationship between these reviewers and retailers such as Amazon – which is the place we go for the best user feedback, as well as a large selection of TVs – I feel obliged to point out the relationship between reviews and affiliate links. These links don’t affect the recommendations but do help keep the reviewers going.


Art Meets Technology: SAMSUNG THE FRAME

From Samsung The Frame: Discover a TV that is more art than television. Samsung The Frame’s award-winning QLED display and Art Mode change your living space from a TV graphic above. Not just an alternative, The Frame is first and foremost a work of art, taking your room from television mode to a masterpiece that will catch everyone’s eye, especially when it is off.

Enhancing Smaller Spaces: AMAZON FIRE TV 2-SERIES

It feels like it could be a hyper-optimised part of this ecosystem. The interface and other features seem smart and user-friendly, and it’s a good deal, with its low price to match. The biggest indicator that the Fire TV 2-Series was built for the Amazon ecosystem is its 720p resolution, which reminds us that you really don’t need UHD in a smaller space.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance: INSIGNIA F20 SERIES

Amazon’s Insignia F20 Series is the smart TV for everyone who thinks that less is more: good enough at a head-spinningly low price point. With Amazon’s Fire TV OS and a wealth of content, it’s a great TV for those seeking value.

Roku's Entry into the Compact Arena: TCL 3 SERIES

For the price of a Super Bowl pizza or two, the TCL 3 Series is the high-water mark for affordability weaving together quality. The high-definition 1080p rendition with the snappy, simple-to-use Roku OS strikes an ideal balance of functionality and features. The 3 Series is great for fans of LG TVs dipping their toes into the wonders of smart TVs.

Deciphering the Best 32-Inch TV for Your Space

With a myriad of options and considerations ranging from display types and smart technology, it’s crucial to take time to think about which small-screen TV is right for you. Do you need a TV for watching a specific kind of movie? Is it strictly for sports-watching? Will the TV be the showpiece in your living room, or a bedroom companion? Can you spring for a high-end model such as the Samsung The Frame (2022), which doubles as décor, or does the budget-friendly Amazon Fire TV 2-Series (2022) tick the right boxes? Either way, you’ll find your best TV out there.


Through these selections, Amazon’s marketplace serves as a central fulcrum through which to navigate this process. The company sells TVs by companies including Samsung, TCL, and Insignia, with pages dedicated to each brand’s top 32-in models, allowing the company to function as both an aggregator for these brands across the Prime network and a portal for user feedback in the form of Amazon’s user reviews.


Amazon’s significant power over how we purchase technology also extends to how we talk about choosing technology. User reviews, product descriptions, the ability to compare – all of these elements our lives through Amazon. And Amazon products such as the Amazon Fire TV enrich their ecosystem, so we can both buy and experience them there.

In conclusion, the character of television today makes it more important than ever to make educated choices. While it is not easy, with the help of reviews, affiliate marketing and Amazon Prime, it’s certainly possible to pick up your favourite 32-inch TV in 2024. Whether it’s in your bedroom, kitchen, or even a corner – this small screen TV can soon turn your room into a centre of entertainment and art.

Jun 06, 2024
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