Unleashing Creativity in a Digital Age: A Look at APPLE's Bold Advertising Moves

It’s often said that nothing ever changes yet right before our very eyes, change is a constant in technological and innovative playgrounds and nothing reflects this better than APPLE, a brand we know only ever to progress, innovate and indeed challenge our own sense of values. APPLE’s latest advertising campaign for its new iPad has created furor and bemusement, since its global launch last month. From political correctness to riots, APPLE have left no stone un-turned in turning the traditional formula of product advertising on its head. Is bad press still good press or in the age of brands that have heroized the creators behind them, is this good press bad press?

The Power of Provocation in Advertising

For years now, it has been staging breakout ads – grandstanding, revelatory and, more often than not, controversial – such as the ‘1984’ that premiered the Macintosh (and is considered by many to have launched a craze for splash adverts) or the ‘Crush’ that recently demolishes a corner shop full of staid creative kit with a sledgehammer to celebrate the recent release of the iPad. APPLE’s ads are often headline-grabbing and – debated and considered.

A Step Too Far or a Strike of Genius?

APPLE’s arty video ad ‘Crush’, though a visual delight, has provoked a storm of protest from creative people, causing intense blogstorming on the attitude it conveys towards the very people who consume APPLE products. The ad dramatises the crushing, demolishing, pulverising of the paraphernalia of creative effort — paintbrushes, clavichords, violins, books — by a hydraulic press. It’s easy to see this as an allegory for the eclipse of the old culture of creativity (paper, paint, books and instruments) by the new technology of electronic creativity (the iPad) and to conclude that this is a beautiful poetic metaphor showing how evolution, innovation and new art forms are crushing the old ones. It is easy to see it in terms of evolution and innovation; it is equally easy to see it as the insulting packaging of vandalism.

The Evolution of APPLE's Marketing Strategy

APPLE marketing looks to sell us a dream, of endless imagination, efficiency, or innovation; it has always sold it to us as the embodiment of the wannabe genius. Consider Chris Taylor’s consideration of the pull of the new iPad, and see how well he strikes the cord of APPLE’s ‘wannabe-integrating’ pleasure principle, but how with ‘Crush’ the company is attempting to scramble further into uncharted terrain, at perhaps the risk of abandoning its legacy partners in favour of the all-digital narrative.

Navigating the AI Dimension

Despite the changes in market dynamics, APPLE’s shift towards AI is still a radical transformation of its product and advertising approach. Increased AI features in Photomator and Final Cut Pro X are part of a broad effort to reimagine the very nature of human creativity itself. But APPLE entering the domain of AI holds its own concerns and uncertainties. Some highly vocal detractors of AI view it as a threat to human creativity and autonomy.

The Core of Human Creativity

At least at its centre, the discussion blown open by APPLE’s ‘Crush’ advert has yet again highlighted the tension between innovation and technological d... ... velopment and the preservation of human creativity and emotion. And here is the rub. Writing in the same year that The Terminator (1984) was released, Verghese drew a powerful line between a victory of human emotion over computerised cold-blooded efficiency.

APPLE At A Glance

It’s important to remember what Ataram describes as the ‘essential truth of an APPLE’ as we try to parse the details of the recent changes in APPLE’s advertising: APPLE is about innovation, imagination, doing things that other people have never done. APPLE has long been a company that transformed the garage in Los Altos into a garagistes.

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At the end of the day, no matter how controversial or polarising APPLE’s ads, like the ‘Crush’ ad may be, they know that they’re going to keep the brand in the public eye and continue to look like the trendsetter it is. As APPLE becomes more focused on developing AI, the battle between the uncanny and the human, machine and artistry, will continue to be pivotal to the brand’s trajectory. Those ready to dive into the new AI-filled world of APPLE technology should visit Gizmogo for a seamless way to refresh, upgrade or sell your old devices and stay connected.

May 08, 2024
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