Score an Unbeatable Deal: APPLE AIRPODS 2nd Generation at Its Lowest Price Ever

A Sweet Deal on APPLE AIRPODS You Can't Miss

Big news for Apple fans, tech bargain hunters and the rest of us: the APPLE AIRPODS 2nd Generation have just hit an all-time price low at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart as of June 12. The wireless earbuds have been pulled down from the original $129 MSRP to a new low of $79.99 – a massive 38% off the original asking price. This price strike not only equals the best price ever for the APPLE AIRPODS but shows tech enthusiasts out for a summer savings when and where to look.

Where to Grab This APPLE AIRPODS Deal

All ready to make this deal? Here are quick links to each of the retailers for your shopping convenience:

  • Amazon: APPLE AIRPODS (2nd Generation) with Charging Case $79.99 (save $49.01) [Get Deal]
  • Best Buy: APPLE AIRPODS (2nd Generation) with Charging Case $79.99 (save $49.01) [Get Deal]
  • Target: APPLE AIRPODS (2nd Generation) with Charging Case $79.99 (save $49.01) [Get Deal]
  • Walmart: APPLE AIRPODS (2nd Generation) with Charging Case $79.99 (save $49.01) [Get Deal]

Sweetening the deal even more, Best Buy offers three months of free trials of Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Arcade to those who buy through them.

Why the APPLE AIRPODS 2nd Gen Are a Steal

The second-generation (released in early 2019) APPLE AIRPODS are probably the simplest wireless earbuds that Apple sells. Yet they have 5 hours of battery life per charge, hands-free access to Siri, and come with a charging case that has a cord and promises another 24 hours of listening time.

Comparing APPLE AIRPODS Across Generations

A comparison of the new 2nd and 3rd Generation APPLE AIRPODS invites the logical question: with the latter getting an updated appearance, better quality sound, and an extra hour of use without the charging case, is the new price bump of $169 worth it, especially for those seeking earbuds without ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)? Mashable’s Bethany Allard, lead shopping reporter, says the answer is a very close no. And especially for those who aren’t looking for ANC, the current deal on 2nd Generation APPLE AIRPODS is too good to ignore.

Looking Ahead: Big Savings Events

Although it’s hard to believe that we’ll see even lower prices this summer (for Walmart+ Week sale and Amazon Prime Day savings), when it comes to Apple’s AIRPODS 2nd generation in particular, this price is as low as it seems likely to get. Just don’t wait too long; it’s hard to imagine an offer that’s cheaper.

The Lowdown on APPLE

Apple Inc. is keeping millions of users around the world in its orbit with its products and designs. With the iphone, the iPad, the AIRPODS, to name just a few products, Apple’s influence is far-reaching, with trends and models across the world inspired by these celebrated products. The sleek design of Apple products, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces as well as pioneering technology make the Cupertino-based company a consummate example of high-end technology. Apple isn’t only selling products. Apple is selling an experience where innovation and luxury are intertwined, with a focus on luxury being combined with usefulness and simplicity. With every new Apple product being marketed as a revolutionary achievement, the company’s products are tailored to complement and simplify the digital lives of its users. Many people adore Apple products but resent the high prices, which the company is often criticised for.

In Conclusion

The current sale on Apple’s AIRPODS 2nd Generation not only represents the single best opportunity in living memory to own a bit of Apple technology for the price of a cheap off-brand phone; it also represents everything that’s so appealing and timeless about Apple’s line-up at once. Whether to bring joy to yourself or to someone you love, the AIRPODS will bring you quality, convenience, and the signature cachet of Apple for much less than it ever would have before.

Jun 13, 2024
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