Unmasking Hidden Gems: Three Netflix Shows You Can't Afford to Miss This June

A constant stream of knockout shows, Netflix ensures that there’s something for everyone – but in an ocean this large, there are some amazing shows getting lost on the vine. Here, then, with June 2024 building up, check out three shows worth streaming that have been criminally overlooked.

The Heart of Family Drama: This Is Us (2016-2022)

It’s easier to think of This Is Us as a series that wraps itself around love, life, and family into a story that becomes a part of your life. This is a brilliantly told serial set up for success, moving between multiple timelines, each moment loaded to the bursting point. The show is clean the way your clothes are clean when you come back from a vacation and throw them straight in your dryer. It folds them in your favourite spots, wrapping them inside out and right side up. It turns the ugly inside-out, and the dark outside-in on you. It makes you feel that you’ve picked up where you left off. If you haven’t watched it, it’s time for your next binge (This Is Us is on Netflix).

A Thrilling Cat-and-Mouse Chase: Killing Eve (2018-2022)

MI5, Espionage, and Obsession

One day, that ordinary life is flipped upside down when an MI5 analyst named Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh) gets tangled up with Villanelle (Jodie Comer), a stylish assassin with an offbeat sense of humour. Killing Eve isn’t about spying so much as erotic obsession, as performer and audience are brought together in a dance of entrapment. Killing Eve gets a lot of praise for its fast-paced dialogue, dark humour, and electric chemistry, but it’s the way the show lets you into the world of the MI5 that makes it so special. Now you can follow them into the intersecting alleys of MI5 operations, and watch on Netflix.

Discovering MI5's Hidden Layers

If you see ‘Killing Eve’, you’re never going to not see MI5. The series gives you a backstage view of the intelligence agency and the lives of spies. And, even though it’s fantasy, it’s an exciting taste of the espionage world, of what it might be like to be a spy. So I think it’s very good, and we must watch it.

Laugh Out Loud with Tires (2024-)

The Rise of a Comedic Genius

Yet to the fans of Shane Gillis – controversial firebrand, comedy royalty, and your new favourite SNL alum – adding Tires is a no-brainer. Gillis is pure charisma, and whether he’s babbling rapid-fire lines of absurdity or just slouching against a shop wall in mindless silence, Tires is consistently funny. If this is your first time tuning in to the sassy shop life of the Tires crew, prepare to laugh – a lot.

Editor's Recommendations

And for the insatiable, we’ve got plenty more: an essential Peacock picture, all the British crime shows you could want, plus action movies on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video to fill your watchlist to overflowing. June 2024 is your last chance to catch up on every last bit of Knives Out 3 before the mystery gets the trilogy treatment.

Decoding MI5: Beyond the Screen

To end, let’s bring us back to the reality of MI5, another topic that Netflix garlands throughout its spy pick-and-mix, with Killing Eve among its biggest hits. The Security Service, more widely known by its code name MI5, is the United Kingdom’s foreign counter-intelligence and security service, responsible for keeping the country safe from terrorism, espionage, and cyber attacks. MI5 works behind the scenes to protect the UK from harm. While Killing Eve fictionalises the inner workings of the Service, its blend of truth and fiction is exactly what propels our imaginations and keeps us seeking our next spy fix.

Jun 14, 2024
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