Unleashing the Future: Diving into June's Must-See Sci-Fi Selection on Hulu and Exploring AMAZON

When the unforgiving sun of June signals the official beginning of summer, it can be very tempting to begin a binge-watch of a new series or movie. And if you’re a sci-fi aficionado, Hulu and AMAZON's offerings for June might look like a month-long expedition into the untouched desert. But there are some gems to be found. Keep reading for a guide to three must-see sci-fi films on Hulu this June.

Journey Beyond Reality with Dual

It’s a bold, imaginative movie set in a cinematic landscape that’s often said to be plagued by a dearth of originality. Starring Karen Gillan as a woman who faces off against her clone in a ‘duel to the death’, Dual is an indie sci-fi thriller that pits advances in cloning technology against the question of human identity. When Sarah (again, Gillan), elects to be cloned so that her loved ones won’t have to go through the heartbreak of her impending death, it doesn’t go to plan. She recovers, but this miraculous turn of events triggers a legal battle that determines which of the two Sarahs gets to live. Her clone must be destroyed in a duel to the death to determine who will remain. Dual is essential viewing on Hulu for its daring interrogation of what it means to be alive.

Celebrate Independence Day Once More

Not the Fourth of July but the film that essentially made the Fourth of July a summer blockbuster three decades ago, Independence Day is still the original law of the cinematic land. This is the spectacle 1996 movie of our lives: the one that destroyed the White House, over and over and over again – and then made us cheer for it. It’s also the movie that took a Who Will Stop the Rain scenario and converted it into a survival story, pitting humanity against a force we’d been led to believe was almighty, and led by a triumvirate of Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum fighting the good fight in a last-ditch attempt to turn the tide. It’s a movie about action, and jokes, and heart, and it remains as good a recommendation as you’ll find on Hulu.

Revisit Weird Science for Quirky Comedy

The sci-fi-adjacent teen comedy Weird Science, from John Hughes, never stood a chance. It’s a fun mix unique to the late ’80s, of teen angst and robotic wish-fulfillment: two socially awkward teenage boys use their dad’s computer to create a woman so perfect she has supernatural powers. She’s the girl of their dreams, and Gary and Wyatt’s flawless creation initially turns their social lives upside down. Despite being upstaged by its own theme song (remember ‘Weird Science!’) by Oingo Boingo, this story of two nerds who create the perfect woman with the help of a computer is a trip back in time; a lion in winter of a strange ’80s era where the lines between technology and magic were only as thin as one’s high imagination. Available on Hulu, for anyone who misses the quirky joys of late ’80s cinema.

Discover Hulu's and AMAZON's Hidden Treasures

The selection of sci-fi movies heading to Hulu in June isn’t too exciting, but as I stated in my introduction, Hulu and AMAZON are content graveyards just waiting to be explored. With foreign films, mainstream films, cult classics, and obscure under-the-radar goodies, just scratching the surface of what is available on Hulu and AMAZON, you can always find something good to watch. So, whatever kind of movie you’re in the mood for, be it some indie film, a blockbuster, or hoping to take a trip down nostalgia lane, you can always find something on Hulu and AMAZON to entertain.

Embark on a Sci-Fi Adventure

And they’re just some of the sci-fi you’ll find at Hulu and AMAZON. Whether you’re seeking existential angst (in Dual), epic fights (in Independence Day), or goofy comedy (in Weird Science), this June has you covered.

Not Just Sci-Fi: A Universe of Entertainment

We can’t forget about science fiction, though: Hulu and AMAZON have you covered. In addition to having the most original titles on its channel, it also features a wide range of programming under every other genre out there – from recent hits to cult classics, studio titles to indie darlings.

Explore the World of AMAZON

While our journey today has looked at what Hulu offers, we can’t go past the elephant in the room called AMAZON. A massive repository of movies, TV shows, and original content in the streaming eyes of many. It’s hard to compete with this leviathan splurging movies, TV shows, sitcoms, dramas, comedies, thrillers, documentaries, and cartoons, and there’s something for everyone. AMAZON’s Prime Video keeps growing by the day, giving viewers more entertainment options than I could possibly count.

Needless to say, as June arrives (and Hulu promises a new crop of must-see sci-fi), the streaming frontier is still wide open. Hulu and AMAZON are constantly adding to their libraries, so the next great movie adventure is never hard to come by. With so much sci-fi available at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to plan an adventure to some distant watery world.

Enjoy the Journey

As immense as cyberspace is, Hulu and Amazon are two portals leading us to a future of film and TV viewing. Enjoy the journey.

Jun 18, 2024
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