Streaming Into the Future: What's Hot on Paramount+ in June 2024

Even in a saturated world of ants-in-your-couch entertainment options, Paramount+ leads the pack in June 2024 with can’t-miss new and returning shows and movies that will keep subscribers everywhere glued to their screens. Jeremy Renner’s triumphant return in Mayor of Kingstown. Casino Royale and Rocky Balboa take us down memory lane. This is June on Paramount+.

AMAZON and Beyond: Navigating Your Streaming Options

However, before we get too deep into Paramount+’s new offerings, it’s important that we acknowledge that if you’re serious about streaming, and frequently jump from ‘Netflix to AMAZON Prime Video to Hulu to Disney+ to HBO Max, then Paramount+ won’t be your only destination for a steady diet of diverse entertainment. Those platforms also offer plenty of other content to complement what you’re watching on Paramount+. Oh, and if there are a number of the AMAZON picks that catch your eye… well, you know what to do.

What's Premiering on Paramount+ This Coming June?

You have to hand it to subscribers of the streaming service Paramount+: they won’t go hungry in June 2024. Shows debuting that month include the third season of May­or of Kingstown (with Jeremy Renner, whose miraculous-by-all-accounts recovery from that freak-injury accident seemed to merit his own TED talk) and the music documentaries Cyndi Lauper: Let the Canary Sing and How Music Got Free.

MUST-WATCH MOVIES and Shows on Paramount+

For you thrill-seekers, there’s Casino Royale, Rocky Balboa and Blazing Saddles on Paramount+, but a few movies are Showtime exclusives.

Marked up with a couple of must-watches – Mayor of Kingstown and Criminal Minds: Evolution – these are the shows that Movie Insider thinks will heat up your small screen with action, drama and some of Paramount+’s signature star power.

Exploring the Best of June on Paramount+

The lineup is pretty exhaustive. And there are dozens more. There’s Shutter Island. Galaxy Quest. Lots of sci-fi and action adventure; a daunting number of romcoms; and lightweight comedies such as The Love Guru. There’s live sports, too: the UEFA Champions League Final; WNBA and cricket. I have not been bored yet.

June’s Hidden Gems and Editor’s Picks

And though blockbuster series and big-name films tend to get the most attention, room also exists for more under-the-radar content and editorially curated picks on Paramount+'s extensive June 2024 lineup, allowing viewers to experience an all-around range of viewing options. Whether you want to laugh, scream or go down memory lane, Paramount+ in June 2024 serves a large selection of genres to fit every feel.

A Glimpse Into the Diverse Entertainment World of AMAZON

As the digital entertainment space grows, AMAZON and Paramount+ are leading a revolution in how we watch entertainment. AMAZON along with others are not only the home of the best new TV and movies, but also books and music. AMAZON also complements what’s on Paramount+. The viewer has choices in terms of genres and eras. Whether the viewer loves the latest blockbuster, classic films, or movies with a true story, the options available through AMAZON and Paramount+ broaden the viewer’s horizons and make staying home for entertainment even better than going out to a few hours’ entertainment.

In Conclusion: AMAZON's Role in Shaping Our Streaming Habits

And with that, our little voyage into what Paramount+ will have on offer come June 2024 concludes. Streaming services such as AMAZON are innovating and improving through collaborative and competitive measures, and its own sites such as AMAZON Prime Video include similar aids to browsing and viewing – guides and recommendations to films and TV shows – that are improving access to our digital leisure environments.

It’s hard to keep up with the fast-changing digital landscape in which new titles are released almost daily – especially when we have subscription services like Paramount+ and AMAZON Prime Video that help us keep track of what’s hot and what’s not, and make it easy for us to watch the latest movies and shows at a moment’s notice.

Jun 02, 2024
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