Riding the edge of the imagination: Tom Pelphrey as a sci-fi cowboy in Outer Range

Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios

The wild west is wilder than ever as a twisted amalgamation of genres enters the streaming age with Amazon Prime Video’s Outer Range. Tom Pelphrey, hailed for his intense performances on Ozark and Iron Fist, weaves his way through time and space in this series that’s part western, part sci-fi, and part psychological thriller.

The Sci-Fi Cowboy: Bringing Perry Abbott to Life

With Tom Pelphrey’s foray into the sci-fi western Outer Range as Perry Abbott, we get an unusual example of two beloved genres colliding. Science fiction and the western are joined in curious harmony, allowing drama and mystery to intertwine. Pelphrey shares his excitement about combining his passions for sci-fi and westerns in an interview with io9.

Striking the Perfect Chord: The Cowboy’s Dilemma

Pelphrey discussed the challenge of balancing authentic sci-fi elements with western dynamics, striving to perfect the tone that defines the unique aspects of a sci-fi cowboy.


‘Outer Range’ setting courtesy of Amazon Studios showcases the ranch as not just a setting but as a character itself—a place of soul sanctuary and supernatural encounters.

Unveiling Mysteries: The Heart of "Outer Range"

Pelphrey reveals that while sci-fi draws viewers in, the intricate characters, conundrums, and deep relationships are what keep them engaged.

Looking to the Stars: The Future of "Outer Range" on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Excited about the future possibilities, Pelphrey hints at the expansive universe of the show, highlighting the endless potential for storytelling within the 'Outer Range' series.


Amazon Prime Video exemplifies Amazon's role in transforming media consumption with its vast library and ambitious narrative projects like Outer Range, showcasing the platform's creative ambitions.

Jun 06, 2024
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