Are Skipping Updates Helping Or Harming Your Electronics?

Allowing updates to install on your phone can be a hassle. Although you can always schedule the update during after-hours, it can be time consuming and may slow your phone speed down. Besides gaining the newest emoji on the keyboard, it is beneficial to update your phone and other devices each time a new version is available.



Why Updating Your Devices are Important 

Updating versions of your cell phone for example, is crucial to fixing any current bugs that you may have installed. This is pretty common with tablets and laptops too, and is almost required to update. Malicious attacks on your device are preventable and can mean a world of difference when deciding to upgrade to the latest version available. That is also true for fixing any security lapses that may exist. By updating the current operating system, it not only fixes any security gaps but also improves your device’s overall performance.  

Phone Updates: iPhone versus Android 

Just like our phones age, so does the software that is installed. To keep everything running smoothly, phone manufacturers issue updates on a regular basis. Those who root for team Apple, can get any software updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If a new version of iOS is available, you can tap Download and Install. If not, you will see a message saying everything is up to date. What is easier, IOS 12 began offering users automatic updates if they wish to. Users can opt in by going to the Software Update screen.

If you are a fan of Androids, visit Settings > System > Advanced > System update. You should see a message telling you your system is up to date or if an update is available. If you want to double-check, simply press the Check for update button.


Computer Software Updates 

There are many benefits for updating MacOS, Windows, and ChromeOS. Any of these will allow your computer to have new abilities it didn’t have before. On Windows 10 for PCs for example, you can revisit past activities on your timeline, work on apps side by side and it even features focus assistant to help you keep distractions to a minimum. The downside – they can take a while to install, since the new software can be a hefty upload onto your device. For the same security reasons as phones, security play a role when updating. You will find that spyware for example is up to date. Finding some downtime after work hours to perform any updates your laptop or computer may have is best. Just make sure you not to ignore the download prompts when the updates are available.   


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Updates are always meant to make our lives easier and avoid any suspicious malware lurking on our devices. Even though it may take a little while to install and update to the latest version, it is well worth it. If you have done more than your share of updates and are looking to sell your slow devices, Gizmogo would be happy to take them. Get the most cash for the electronics you no longer use or need by visiting us online, choosing the device you are interested in selling, and receiving an instant quote. We will take care of the rest.


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