Buying a Refurbished Phone – What you Should Know

Smartphones are getting bigger, faster, better – and more expensive. Anyone who can’t afford a new cell phone (that costs almost as much as a small used car) is switching to completely overhauled devices. Refurbished cell phones are significantly cheaper than new smartphones, but what exactly does the label “refurbished” mean?


What Exactly Does Refurbished Mean?

For the record, refurbished phones are NOT the same as used phones – they’re a lot better. The devices are checked and cleaned in advance. They are reconditioned and sometimes and repaired if a part is defective. These refurbished cell phones are available at a bargain price, even though they are fully functional and look almost new.

Do consumers really benefit from the significantly lower prices, or do they take a risk with the purchase? After all, shops like Amazon advertise that the devices can be replaced or reimbursed within a year should possible defects become noticeable. Other providers even offer a 24-month guarantee. The statutory return guarantee also applies.

Mainly, there are three types of reconditioned mobile phones. The first type are the cells that have been returned due to a defect or change of mind. Then there are the ones used by carriers as store displays or the last types are the ones that the manufacturer has used for performance tests.

A refurbished mobile phone is not a second-hand phone. That is something very important to keep in mind. These phones undergo checks and repairs – if necessary, they pass the mandatory operational checks again. The second-hand ones have been returned and put on sale without going back to that verification circuit.

Is a Refurbished Phone a Good Idea?

A study predicts that the world will sell 332.9 million used phones in 2023. The rise in mobile phone prices is driving the sale of ‘recycled’ devices. Refurbished mobile phones are devices returned by the buyer, revised, and put back on sale with full guarantees. A good company ensures that the mobile phone is in good condition before buying and selling it.Buying a refurbished mobile phone doesn’t have to be a bad idea. In most cases, it means acquiring a device that is like new but at a price that is 20% to 30% lower. It may go wrong, but it’s only as risky as buying a phone that has never left its packaging. To minimize risks, we advise you to following the recommendations below.

Tips for Buying a Refurbished Phone

1- Get a Warranty

If you buy your phone from a reputable place, it comes with a warranty. The guarantee that you find with most reconditioned phones varies from six months to one year, depending on the model, condition, and website you purchase it from. Many of these websites determine the warranty with numbers or letters according to their physical appearance. Phones with physical defects will be cheaper, and damage-free phones will be more expensive. Here’s a little illustration of how this grading works.

  • Grade A: Like new, the terminal has no visible physical damage.
  • Grade B: The phone has minor cosmetic damage, such as light scratches or small marks.
  • Grade C: Aesthetically there are marks of use, signs of wear, or some clearly visible flaw.

2- Make Sure There is a Return Policy

A return policy is a must if you’re considering getting a refurbished phone. Although trusted sources would run these sets through several quality checks, it’s, after all, not exactly new. There might be something you missed at first and later regret when you find out about it. Once you have decided on and ordered a cell phone, you should examine it thoroughly on delivery. Check the operating system (version) and warranty. Once you discover the first visual defects they didn’t disclose in advance, you must be able to return the device immediately.

3- Buy From a Trusted Source

It is always a good idea to buy the device from a reputable store. A trusted source would transparently give you all the information about the condition, the reason for the return, and the operating system. The more information you get about the mobile phone, the more security you will have as a buyer.

You should also check the price of the phone if you buy it new. Mobile phones drop in price shortly after going on the market. Therefore, before buying a reconditioned phone, the interested party must ensure that the savings are really significant enough.

4- Confirm the Phone Still Gets Security Updates

Security updates are extremely important if you’re buying an older model. You can save even more money by buying a smartphone from the previous year. However, your smartphone may not get security updates if it’s too old, so make sure you have that checked. All models that have just hit the market automatically cost more – even the refurbished cell phones. If you’re looking for a previous model, you pay a lot less. By comparison, the new cell phone costs around $750, while it costs around $550 when used.

With security in perspective, you should reset the phone to the factory settings before using it. It’s the only way to ensure that there is no private content of the previous owner on the smartphone – this also applies to possible programs that could spy on your smartphone. This will also prevent the old owner from locating the cell phone.

Refurbished Phones Are Here to Stay

A study by IDC – International Data Corporation – suggests that the business of used mobile phones – whether reconditioned or second-hand – will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. The IDC report pointed out that 206.7 million units were sold last year. I.E., 17.6% more than the 175.8 million in 2019. It is estimated that in 2023, it will reach 332.9 million units sold.

Take Away

If saving money is your priority, why not sell your existing phone to buy a refurbished newer model? A report in this case from Counterpoint points out that the market for refurbished mobile phones is growing much faster than that of new smart devices. The savings and the security of obtaining a product with all the guarantees are the factors most valued by buyers when deciding on one of these refurbished smartphones.

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