Did You Know You Can Sell Your Broken Electronics For Cash?

What do you do when your smartphone, laptop, or any other electronics for that matter, are damaged and beyond any repair? You keep it in your closet and never bat an eye again, right? Well, how about making quick cash by selling it? Yes, you can sell your broken or defunct electronics for cash. There are many platforms that offer this service, but most DO NOT. Let’s break it down how much cash you can average by selling broken electronics. 

Bunch of EOL handheld devices


You should always look for Gizmogo when it comes to selling any broken electronics, from cell phones to laptops and more. Based on the device’s condition, Gizmogo will offer you money for your used and broken electronics.

A broken LCD of an iPhone is still better than a dead iPhone whose circuit board is fried, right? Gizmogo evaluates the condition of your hardware, and based on that, they offer you a quote. If you accept their offer, they will transfer you the amount within 24 hours. Talk about a seamless process and easy to earn money. Moreover, Gizmogo’s service is also one of the best ways to sell your old electronics to declutter your space.  

So how much average cash can you make by selling an iPhone X? Well, if you sell a 64GB iPhone X in damaged condition, which powers on but the screen is no longer functional, you’d get around $35 for it. It is not much, but you get some value out of it instead of cluttering it in your room.


Greenbuyback is another buy-back platform that accepts broken electronics. You can sell your old electronics by visiting their website and mentioning the make and model of your device. The company will offer you a quote, and after receiving your device, Greenbuyback will evaluate the hardware of the device and update the quote. The value can go higher or lower than the first quote based on the condition you mentioned in the online tool. Once you agree to the offered amount, the company will release the payments. 


Craigslist may come top of mind when you think about selling broken electronics. The popularity and diversified categories of the website make it a versatile platform to sell anything. Regardless of how convenient Craigslist may seem, there is a high risk of losing your device, running into scammers, and encountering fraudulent merchants. Even though you can sell your broken electronics on the platform, because of the reasons mentioned above, many don’t. 

Local Facebook Groups and Marketplace

Facebook groups and marketplaces for many is an easy way to trade-off their busted smartphone or laptop with people living nearby. Based on your locality, you can always find groups or people in the marketplace who live in your city or a couple of blocks away. This gives you an option to connect with them and sell your old electronics or broken gadgets hand-to-hand dealing. However, like Craigslist, you may also come across individuals who may pose a threat to you or steal your device. This is why many people prefer to sell old electronics to professional companies instead of on Facebook local groups or marketplaces. 

List of Companies Which do not Accept Broken Electronics 

The Decluttr website is known to offer reasonable cash whenever you sell your old electronics to them. However, to a certain degree, they accept devices in faulty condition, but not all of them. The company will not buy your phone of its bent, crushed, snapped in half, or has missing components. 

Another leading company Maxback which offers great return value on used electronics does not accept broken electronics. However, they will buy damaged condition smartphones, laptops, iPads, and other gadgets. According to them, a device is in a damaged state if the device powers on, functions, and is free of any LCD damage, but has a cracked front glass and/or poor battery health (below 80%). If your device does not meet these requirements, it does not qualify for selling at Maxback. 

Now that you know that you can always make a couple of bucks by selling your old electronics, would you declutter your space and even improve your health by selling broken electronics? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your device is not listed, place your order as an Unknown Device. Please review our list of accepted electronics to ensure your device falls into one of the classifications. Following our fee-free shipping, we will evaluate your device and send you a quote. If you choose not to sell, your device will be returned to you free of charge!

Yes! We accept a vast amount of different electronic devices regardless of condition. To find out how much your damaged device is worth, locate your device on our website, select your model, and indicate the condition to receive an instant quote. If it has any value, we will compensate you accordingly. Otherwise, we would recycle it responsibly for you

There are a few reasons why the quoted payment can change following our evaluation:

  • You did not accurately select the condition of the device (most common).
  • The device has defects that are not indicated on your order.
  • You chose the wrong device or device model when completing your order.

Our customer service team is happy to answer any additional questions about changes to your quote

Our grading standard is different from what people usually would think. Our professional technicians base their evaluation on the quality of factors such as the

  • Screen
  • Frame
  • Backside
  • USB Charging Port

It is common for people to believe their phone is ‘like new,’ only to have a slightly different definition of the term compared to the industry standards.

If you don’t see your device on our list, email us at support@gizmogo.com for your free quote. Include the device brand, model, and serial number in your message. We will have our technician deliver an estimate within 24 hours.

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