Top 5 trending games for PS5 With the importance of staying inside hitting home in 2020, people had to find new ways of keep themselves entertained. Hence, video games are becoming the favorite hobby for both children and adults. The two consoles that launched in 2020 were from Microsoft and Sony. Both the consoles offer […]

It seems every day, a new leak about the Samsung S22 hits the tech news. It can be hard to keep up with so many conceptual renderings and rumors floating around the internet, so we’ve done the research and compiled what we believe to be the most credible claims. However, we encourage you to take […]

OLED, which stands for Organic LED, is a display technology that produces brighter, crisper images, far beyond what LCD screens are capable of, by using “organic” carbon emitting layers instead of silicon or gallium, and you’ll be hearing about it a lot in the coming years as more manufacturers implement it. On October 8th, Nintendo […]

The most recently released versions of Sony and Microsoft’s gaming symptoms are the PlayStation 5, or PS5, and the Xbox Series X. Both next-gen systems were released in November of 2020 and take gaming to a new level in terms of resolution, speed, frame rates and more. Both are impressive consoles that support the games […]

The original AirPod Pros were released in March of 2019 and haven’t seen a notable update since then. That’s why many Apple users are hoping for upgrades to these premium earbuds. It seems as though these headphones will be getting an overhaul in the next year. Specific changes and updates to the AirPod Pro are […]

It gets tricky when you try to buy a used smartphone. Factors such as budget, camera, screen size, and performance always rush through your mind and confuse you while sealing a deal. In a situation like this, equipping yourself with knowledge about various products beforehand can give you an edge when making a judgment call. […]

Apple Watch Series 7 orders start Friday, October 8 at 5 a.m. PDT and available in stores starting Friday, October 15. What’s rumored to be updated in the Apple Watch 7? Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger and more advanced display, enhanced durability, faster charging, new aluminum case colors, and watchOS 8 Redesigned styling A leaked, […]

Technology is important to many aspects of our everyday lives, and that importance was only more apparent in the past year! During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people worked, visited family and friends, and even went to school — all on their laptops and tablets. Tablets became important for children to keep up with their class […]

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