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Cheap iPad: A Great Deal for Budget-Conscious Buyers

The cheap iPad has become an extremely popular option for budget-conscious consumers looking to buy a tablet. With the wide range of older iPad models available on the resale market, it’s now possible to pick up a fully functional iPad for a fraction of what it would have originally cost. For those looking to dip their toe into the world of tablets without breaking the bank, a cheap iPad presents an excellent value.

What kind of deals can you expect to find on a cheap iPad? Generally speaking, you can find used iPad Minis and iPad 2s for under $100. For $150 or less, an iPad Air or iPad 4 is not uncommon. Even the newer 9.7” iPad Pros tend to be quite affordable used, often selling for 40-60% off original retail pricing. No matter what generation of iPad you’re interested in, there are fantastic deals to take advantage of if you know where to look.

One great source for scoring a cheap iPad is right here at Gizmogo. We carry a frequently updated inventory of pre-owned iPads covering a wide span of model years. Models range from the venerable iPad 2 all the way up to last year’s iPad Pro models and everything in between. Every cheap iPad in our inventory has been thoroughly inspected, tested and cleaned prior to being listed for sale. So while our iPads are used, they have been carefully vetted to ensure full functionality and the best possible customer experience.

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List of Popular Tablets

  • Apple iPad Pro: This high-end tablet offers a powerful M2 chip, a stunning Liquid Retina XDR display, and versatile Apple Pencil compatibility, making it ideal for creative professionals and demanding users.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: This large-screen Android tablet boasts a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, a gorgeous AMOLED display, and S Pen support, making it perfect for productivity, entertainment, and creative endeavors.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 9: This two-in-one device bridges the gap between tablet and laptop, featuring a versatile kickstand, a detachable keyboard, and a powerful Intel Core processor.

  • Lenovo Yoga Tab 13: This unique tablet stands out with its built-in kickstand and enormous speakers, making it perfect for entertainment and media consumption.

  • Amazon Fire HD 10: This budget-friendly tablet offers a large display, long battery life, and access to Amazon’s app store and services, making it a good choice for casual users and entertainment. Sell Q6 Amazon Prime

Why Buy A Cheap iPad?

Given the choice, most buyers would opt for a shiny new iPad in a heartbeat. However, there are some distinct advantages to going the used route when you strictly want iPad functionality without the premium price:

Great Prices

Obviously, scoring steep discounts is the prime motivation for choosing a cheap iPad in the first place. Finding an iPad for $100 or picking up a still-capable model for pennies on the dollar makes the world of tablets that much more accessible. When low cost is the overriding factor for tablet shoppers, a cheap iPad easily beats budget no-name brands in terms of value.

Still Great Performance

The nice thing about Apple products is that they tend to age gracefully in terms of performance and app compatibility. Models may be a few years old, but Apple still supports them with regular iOS updates. So while a cheap iPad won’t deliver cutting-edge speed, it’s still plenty powerful for streaming, web browsing, and even light gaming unless you need the latest processor for intensive creative work, a used iPad checks all the boxes.

Environmentally Friendly

Opting for a used iPad means less electronic waste ending up in landfills. Devices like cheap iPads can enjoy extended usability rather than getting tossed after a few years when new models arrive. For environmentally-conscious buyers, giving used electronics a second life aligns nicely with sustainability goals.

Good For Kids

Kids have a knack for damaging electronics, so handing off a shiny new $500+ iPad into tiny hands comes with quite a bit of stress. However, picking up a used model means fewer worries if accidents happen. A cheap iPad still lets kids enjoy apps, games, reading and more without parents cringing over every tap and swipe.

Where To Buy A Cheap iPad

If you’ve decided the time is right to score a cheap iPad, where should you shop to find the best deals? While Craigslist and eBay may promise the lowest prices on used iPads, shopping this way does come with enhanced risks. Dealing with random sellers means you could easily end up with a device that’s damaged, stolen or locked to the previous owner’s account. Pros never outweigh the cons of using peer-to-peer marketplaces for scoring tech deals.

Instead, turn to trusted retailers like Gizmogo that specialize in the used electronics marketplace. Not only are devices carefully inspected before sale, but your purchase is backed with assurances like warranties and return policies. This protects buyers from ending up with a lemon of a cheap iPad. Shopping at Gizmogo translates to better inventory filtering, quality assurance testing and accountable business practices.

Cheap iPad Shopping Tips

When searching for the perfect cheap iPad to suit your needs and budget, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Storage capacity matters. Even 16GB on a cheap iPad may be too limiting for apps, downloads and media collections. At least 32GB is recommended, with 64GB or more being ideal.
  • Cosmetic condition isn’t everything if a cheap iPad works properly. Small scratches or scuffs are expected with used models so prioritize functionality.
  • Wireless connectivity is vital. While Wi-Fi-only iPads are most common, having mobile connectivity may be beneficial. Just don’t pay too much extra when shopping for phones.
  • Model year indirectly impacts price. As Apple releases new iPads each fall, previous-generation prices take a hit, making them more affordable to use.
  • Condition ratings accurately reflect device state. Well-described as “Good” or “Fair” makes for honest representations when cheap iPad shopping.
  • Earlier models still get updates. Even the over 8 year old iPad Air supports modern iOS 15 meaning apps still function regardless of age.
  • Accessories add value. A cheap iPad bundled with an original charger, protective case or Apple Pencil is an even better bargain for buyers.
  • Warranties reduce worries. Many cheap iPads found at retailers like Gizmogo include short-term coverage to give shoppers extra peace of mind.
  • Return policies protect purchases. Despite the best testing procedures, malfunctions can occur over time. The option to return eliminates the risks associated with cheap iPad buys.

Cheap iPads: Just As Good As New

While brand-new iPads capture all the hype and fanfare during launch cycles, cheap iPads are the true hidden gems for savvy shoppers. There’s simply no better way to pick up an iPad while saving big money. Models may show some light wear and tear externally, but internal components and displays remain as solid as the day they rolled off assembly lines. At Gizmogo, third party testing and refurbishment practices enable cheap iPads to deliver years of extra service at wallet-friendly prices.

For the smart consumer who prioritizes value and function over having just the latest iPad, going the used route makes perfect sense. Models readily available in the sub-$200 price range pack more than enough performance for web browsing, streaming media, email, gaming and more. And buying refurbished translates to extending the lifecycle of devices headed otherwise headed for scrap heaps. So why buy new? With a gently used cheap iPad, you still get premium iPad goodness without sticker shock holding you back.

Ready To Buy Or Sell A Used iPad?

Have you decided to upgrade your existing iPad and want to turn it into cash for your next device? Or are you sold on shopping for the perfect cheap iPad after reading our helpful guide? Either way, Gizmogo makes the process extremely simple whether you’re buying or selling.

We proudly pay top dollar for used device trade-ins across all popular brands like Apple. Our quotes help offset the cost of your next device purchase. Trade-ins are quick and convenient with free shipping, payment lock-in policies and speedy processing.

Selling your used iPad or other electronics has never been easier, thanks to Gizmogo. Or if you’re convinced like we are about the incredible value proposition of cheap iPads, browse our wide ranging certified pre-owned inventory right now.

With affordable prices across iPad generations and regular new device additions, deals are always at your fingertips! Let our years of experience matching customers with their dream devices at spectacular savings work to your budget’s benefit. Discover your cheap iPad today!