Samsung Camera better or iPhone camera

Is Samsung or iPhone camera better – Here’s our take

We all know that the phones are not just for calling and text messages nowadays. In fact, that’s probably the least what we use them for nowadays. Taking pictures, including selfies, panorama photos, boomerang and many more. These are particularly popular with younger people and they are the most important demographic for phone companies.

One of the first thing that we want to know when buying a new phone is the camera parameters, whether the phone is equipped with two, or even three rare cameras, then of course a front camera for selfies. So, the question is Samsung or iPhone camera better is a very important question for everyone who is thinking of buying a new phone.

It’s the Galaxy S20 vs the iPhone 11

If you are considering buying a new Samsung, you would be probably looking at getting either Samsung S20 Ultra, or Samsung Galaxy S10, whereas if you’re more of an iPhone fan, you would likely be interested in an iPhone 11. So, the question is Samsung or iPhone camera better would translate does Samsung S20 have better cameras than iPhone 11.

First of all, the Samsung Galaxy S20 features three cameras, which are three rear-cameras, against iPhones two. Now, that’s an obvious advantage for Samsung. Both phones have a front camera, of course, most, if not all, of us, like to take selfies. It’s not just about the number of cameras though, we should also go through their characteristics and video capabilities.

Three cameras are better than two

The two rear-cameras of the iPhone are both 12-megapixel, one of them wide, the other ultra-wide. The front-facing camera is also 12 megapixel, so you know what quality of pictures you can expect.

As for the Samsung S20, it also features a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, as well as a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, but its third camera, the one that the iPhone lacks is a 64-megapixel, telephoto camera and this alone gives the S20 a serious advantage over the iPhone.

The front-facing camera on the Samsung is a 10-megapixel camera, so if taking selfies is your primary intention, that would be a point plus for the iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 emerges as a winner

When it comes to video capture and the phones’ video capture capabilities, the iPhone has a capacity of 4K, which in turn means that its cameras can record a resolution that’s about 4,000 pixels in width. While that’s not bad, the Samsung emerges as a clear winner once again.

Namely, the Japanese phone has 8K resolution which means that it can capture twice as many pixels as its competitor. This resolution is also called ultra-high definition, or full ultra-high definition. Yes, that’s right, you will be able to take full ultra-high definition videos with your Samsung S20 Galaxy.

To sum up, when discussing is Samsung or iPhone camera better, it seems that the answer is evident, it’s the Samsung S20 that is the winner here.

There’s one aspect that we didn’t take into consideration here, namely the respective price of each of the compared models. As you probably know, the iPhone 11 is significantly cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S20, so if the price of the new Galaxy is too high for you, it will probably still be too high, regardless how good its cameras are.

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