Is Samsung or iPhone camera better?

Is Samsung or iPhone camera better? Let’s find out!

Let’s be honest, we love taking photos. Especially younger people, they take dozens of selfies every day. Statistics show that the average American would take about 20 photos with their smartphone every day. Since there are many who don’t take photos, or take just a few, this clearly means that many take a lot more than 20. Is Samsung or iPhone camera better? is a very crucial question for everybody who is looking to buy a new phone as these two are obviously the most popular phone models in the world.

We can of course talk generally about Samsung and iPhone, but when we compare cameras, and decide which has a better camera, it is better to focus on specific models and versions. So, we will have a look at the cameras on some of the latest Samsung and iPhone models, respectively.


The Galaxy is pricier

The latest Samsung model is the Galaxy S20, whereas the latest version of the iPhone is iPhone 11. When deciding is Samsung or iPhone camera better, we should probably compare these two versions. In order to make the matchup even more interesting, we will compare the two most advanced versions, namely the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro. Not to mention that these are the two versions that come with most advanced cameras. So, in many ways, this will be the ultimate battle.

Before going into details and comparison of the cameras of the two phones, we will have a look at the price range, because both phones are quite pricey. The S20 Ultra comes at a hefty price of $1,399 and that’s just the starting price, that will get you the version with the lowest capacity. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro would cost you a minimum of $999, again, that’s the price for the option that’s at the low end in terms of capacity.

But its camera is better!

Anyway, let’s now look at the camera specifications and features. If you’re looking to take photos form a distance, you might want to use the zoom mode. It is the S20 Ultra that’s slightly better in this respect, as the zoomed pictures are of better quality when compared to similar photos taken by the iPhone. Photos taken with the S20 with a 5x zoom are better than iPhones 2x telephoto zoom pictures, so it is not even a competition when it comes to the zoom capabilities.

When it comes to capturing contrasting elements and general balance of colors, the two are almost evenly matched. The colors on the S20 photos are somewhat richer, but this is more of a matter of personal preference than phone capabilities. So, generally speaking, photos taken with the Galaxy are richer and more vibrant, whereas photos taken by the iPhone are more realistic.

If we look at the lens quality, the Galaxy is again the obvious winner. It’s main camera features three lenses, one of which is a 108MP wide camera, whereas all three cameras on the iPhone are 12MP.

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