Is your iPhone memory maxed out? Here are 5 tips to help you free up some memory

Today’s world has become data-driven with pictures, videos, documents, and several other things available electronically. It is easy to download and save a lot of data. However, it isn’t easy to find devices with enough space to keep all the gigabytes.

One place that keeps a lot of your daily data is your phone. Hence, it is common to reach the dead-end of your storage space on the phone after some time.

A few tips & tricks that you can use if your iPhone memory gets maxed out

Here is a step-by-step guide of ways you can declutter your device.



Remove photos and videos

Move them to the iCloud and delete them from the device. Or you can visit the iCloud Photo Library and select optimize phone storage to get the same results.

You can also transfer the data to your computer or portable hard drive and then delete them from the device.

It will help free up a lot of space, because videos and photographs take up the most room on any phone.

As well, look for documents and audio files that you can remove from the device.

Delete apps you do not use

Your phone probably has several applications that you do not use. Take the time to identify applications that are occupying space without serving a purpose and get rid of them.

Even if the application is paid, you can re-install it free-of-cost as the purchase information is registered with your Apple ID.

However, be careful when deleting games as they use local storage, so backup the data in the iCloud or another account before deleting the device.

Identify the storage hungry apps and uninstall and re-install them
Some applications rely on local data storage for better performance, such as the Facebook app. It is essential to identify these types of software and uninstall and re-install them time-to-time to save space.

To identify data-hungry apps, you can visit iCloud usage under the settings app, in general section. Here, go to the storage section and click on manage storage. You will find details of how much space each app is occupying on the device, and you can delete the applications from here.

Format the phone
It is among the more drastic steps you can take when creating space on your iPhone. Simply factory reset the phone after saving all the data on another device. It will free up a significant amount of space, but you will have to update all existing software and install the applications you use again.

Buy a new model phone with more storage space
If you can afford a new purchase, you can opt for an iPhone with more storage space. It will help expand the memory you have while offering the latest technology.

If you need money to buy a new phone, you can sell your current phone on Gizmogo and use the additional cash to supplement some of the new phone’s cost.


Another quick & easy way to free up iPhone/iPad storage space
Try this:

Navigate to Settings
Tap on General, then iPhone/iPad Storage
Take a look at the recommendations at the top, and enable if you’d like as a quick way to free up storage space
If you have multiple recommendations, Tap SHOW ALL to see more
Some recommendations might not have a feature to enable but will require some manual action to remove content
You can also offload an app or delete apps from Settings
Summing it Up

It is common to keep pen drives, portable hard drives, and computers with terabytes of the hard drive to keep all the data secure, but as the days pass, data requirements only increase. So, it is best to opt for mobile phones that offer optimum space for your needs.


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