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There was a time when flagship smartphones were available for $500 or even less. Brands like OnePlus even advocated for flagship-grade quality under $400. Unfortunately, those days are behind us. While some fantastic deals can still be found on the best Android phones, purchasing a used or refurbished phone emerges as a more cost-effective and […]

If you find yourself with an array of gadgets gathering dust around your home, there are plenty of solutions. You could trade in your old phones, laptops, or tablets to help offset the cost of a new device. Alternatively, you can recycle or donate your used gadgets for others to utilize. At Gizmogo, we guide […]

Truthfully, like many, I usually opt for my mobile carrier’s trade-in offer when upgrading my phone – it’s a convenient, time-saving solution, and a popular choice among consumers who adhere to the traditional two-year upgrade cycle promoted by major carriers and retailers. Nonetheless, despite its appeal, this option may not yield the highest return for […]

Tech enthusiasts often cycle through smartphones, treating them almost as disposable. The allure of unboxing and powering up a new device for the first time is hard to resist. However, maintaining such a lifestyle is not cheap. Incorporating the habit of selling your used phones when upgrading can make your next purchase more affordable and […]

Are you looking for a new smartwatch and want to compare the latest options from Apple and Samsung? Look no further than the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Samsung Watch. These high-tech smartwatches are designed to easily connect with your smartphone, giving you access to a wide range of features. Stay connected with instant […]

Are you considering selling your Xbox One console? Understanding its potential value is crucial to ensure a successful and profitable sale. The price you can fetch for your console depends on several important factors, including its condition and whether it is a special edition. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into these factors, […]

Sell Your PS4 Console

Are you considering selling your PS4? Maybe you feel that your PS4 is no longer meeting your needs. While it is undeniably a great console, you may believe that there is greater value to be gained by selling it. If you are new to the process, selling your PS4 can seem challenging to understand. It’s […]

Lenovo launches Chromebook and ThinkPad updates

A pair of $440 5i Chromebooks are bound to please. Mobile World Congress starts next week in virtual Barcelona and Lenovo has dropped quite a few new products in advance of the show. That works out to a handful of meat-and-potatoes upgrades to Chromebooks and mobile workstations, as well as a boatload of basic tablet […]

Foreseen drop in 2020 sales-related e-waste: 4.9 million metric tonnes or ~6.4%; Pandemic intensified digital divide between high, middle and low income countries. In the first three quarters of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a 30% fall in electronic and electrical equipment sales in low- and middle-income countries, but only a 5% decline in high-income countries, […]

Samsung Unpacked reveals new Galaxy Book series

Dubbed “the most powerful Galaxy ever”. Samsung has unveiled its new selection of Galaxy Book laptops, and they look to be some of the most powerful devices the Korean tech giant has ever released. There were four models announced at the latest Samsung Unpacked event – the Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy […]