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Looking to sell your old HTC Desire? Or maybe you’re looking for a new one and want to know how to get the best deal? Either way, this helpful blog post is just what you need! In it, we’ll discuss what the HTC Desire is, how to prepare your phone for sale, where to sell it online, and how to get the most money for it. So whether you’re upgrading or just want some extra cash in your pocket, read on!

HTC Desire

What Is HTC Desire?

HTC Desire is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation, released in 2010. It has a single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S11 processor and 768 MB of RAM. The phone comes with either an internal storage capacity of 512 MB or up to 32 GB on a microSD card slot (up to 16 GB included).


  • Processor: Single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S11 processor with up to 768 MB of RAM. 
  • Internal Memory Storage: 512 MB, or up to 32 GB on a microSD card slot (up to 16 GB included). 
  • Network Support: GSM/EDGE 850/900 MHz bands; UMTS 1700MHz band for AT&T; HSDPA 900/2100 MHz bands.
  • Display: AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16 million colors, with a resolution of 480×800 pixels and a pixel density of 217 ppi. 
  • Operating System: Android OS, vS Cupcake (v0.995). 
  • Camera: Rear-facing camera with autofocus and LED flash, as well as a front-facing VGA camera.
  • Weight: With battery, 137 grams. 
  • Dimensions: 119.0 mm (height) x 60.0 mm (width) x 11.63 mm (depth).

Release Date

The HTC Desire was released in March 2010. It was available in three colors: black, brown and silver. It has now been replaced by newer models such as the HTC One X, One S, or One VX.


When it was first released, the HTC Desire retailed for $599.99 without a contract. It is no longer available through official HTC channels, but can be found on online auction and classified sites such as Gizmogo.

How To Sell HTC Desire Online?

When selling your HTC Desire online, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to prepare it for sale:

Delete All Your Data

Before you sell your HTC Desire, make sure to delete all of the data from it. This includes pictures, contacts and text messages as well as any other personal information such as emails or account passwords. If you have an HTC Sense account then log into that first before deleting anything else on your phone so everything will be backed up in case something goes wrong.

Remove The SIM Card And Memory Card

Next, remove the SIM card and memory card from your phone. If you’re not sure how to do this then consult your HTC Desire’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

Make Sure To Remove Any Google Account

Before you sell it, make sure to remove any Google account on the HTC Desire by going into Settings > Accounts > Google (or other email app). Tap on your Gmail address and select Remove account at the bottom of the screen.

Factory Reset Your HTC Desire

You should also factory reset your phone so that none of your data is left on there (this includes contacts, photos, music etc). To do this go into Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset.

Clean The Phone

Give your HTC Desire a good clean before you sell it. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball dipped in alcohol to wipe down the screen and back of your phone. Don’t forget about the edges where dust can accumulate too!

Package It Up

Now it’s time to package up your HTC Desire for sale. Make sure you include the phone, charging cable, earphones, user manual and any other accessories that came with it. If you have the original box then use that too! You can also include a note with your contact details so that the new owner can get in touch if there’s any problems.

Where To Sell HTC Desire Online?

There are a few places you can sell your HTC Desire online. These sites offer you different prices that you can choose from. One of the most recommended sites is Gizmogo. This is a trusted and reputable site that gives you the best price.

Sell HTC Desire In Gizmogo

Gizmogo offer a fast, free and easy way to sell your HTC Desire. You can get paid up to $250 for the device in just 24 hours!To sell your device simply follow these steps:

  • Select the model of phone you want to sell (in this case it’s an HTC) then hit Search. 
  • Select the condition of your device (in this case it’s New) and then choose how much you want to sell it for.
  • Enter your contact information and hit Sell Now!
  • That’s it – Gizmogo will take care of the rest and you’ll receive payment within 24 hours!

Now you know how to sell your HTC Desire online. Remember, before you sell it make sure all of your data has been backed up and removed from the phone! You also want to clean both sides as well as inside any ports where dust can accumulate easily over time (such as around buttons). If there’s anything else that you’re unsure of then consult your HTC Desire’s user manual or contact the manufacturer. Finally, package everything up nicely and choose a reputable site to sell it on for the best price. Good luck!

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