xbox x vs ps5 specs: The expandable memory and everything you need to know about it

Specifications of the two consoles, X Box X and PS5, have been the reason for debate for the gamers around the world. Even after months of announcements from both sides, a clear winner has not emerged.

In-built memory available in both the consoles appears to be not great in terms of size. Where X Box Series X has 1 TB memory, Play Station only has 825 GB of memory. For the uninitiated, 1 TB = 1000 GB.



Games take several gigabytes of data when you are installing them on your console. It is normal to have a game between 60 GB and 120 GB and graphics-intensive games; this number can reach up to 200 GB.

It is the current reality; however, there is a chance that new games will require more prominent space. Hence, it is crucial to have a bigger memory drive in the consoles. However, it is not the case for these consoles.

They both provide the option of expanding the size of the drive.

The expandable memory: xbox x vs ps5 specs

Both X Box X and PS5 have provided the option of expandable memory.

Everything we know about X Box X external drive workings

For X Box X, you can buy 1 Terabyte external hard drive to fit the console. It will work on three channels. It is important to remember that an internal SSD will always work better than an external one. Also, the cost of the new drive will be up there. However, we are still unclear about the overall cost and working of these external drives.

Owners of the xbox x console will have the option of attaching the external storage in two ways. The 1 TB NVMe SSD will look like an old-school memory card that fits in a slot at the back of the console. The other way is using the HDD connected by USB. Microsoft is considering the HDD to be external storage.

PS5 external memory details

The expandable storage on PS5 is similar to PS4. The console has a custom-built SSD, and an extra NVMe slot that console buyers can use to expand storage.

However, there are limitations as not every NVMe drive is compatible with the console. Firstly, it needs to be consistent with the M.2 expansion slot, and Sony will also validate the speed of models to ensure that the drive works with the console.

The external drive will not work as well as the internal drive because the options available in the market do not compare to the speed available on the PS5 custom drive. Also, PS5 has the function of data priorities, which will affect the speed of the external drive.


There are several xbox x vs ps5 specs anecdotes to look at even before the console has released. We are still making assumptions on its working and how well both the consoles will perform once they are on the shelves and in gamers’ homes. However, the new technology in the hardware department, especially storage, is quite intriguing, and we will have to wait to see the results.

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