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                                                                                      A Quick Guide to Selling Your Phone

Are you wondering how to sell a phone? Look no further! Today the Gizmogo Team has assembled some helpful hints to assist you in getting the best price possible for your used electronics. 

How to Prepare to Sell Your Phone

Before you even think of selling your phone, you need to get it ready for sale. You will need to clean it up. A clean phone that looks the best it can will sell for more than one gummed up with old, scratched screen protectors and junk.
Next, let’s get real about safety. Although, if you choose to sell through Gizmogo, we will assist with a professional data wipe, we urge you to reset your phone and double-check the data as well. Rather safe than sorry! Start out by removing all SD cards and separate data storage. Make sure you backed up data you don’t want to lose somewhere. Then disable all cloud services, Find My Phone-type settings, and so on. Then it’s time for a factory reset. Be sure to remove your Sim as a final step.

Find How Much Your Phone is Worth

First of all, it’s important to have an idea of what your phone is worth. There’s two good reasons for this. If you sell a phone without a clear idea of what it is worth, you leave yourself open to people who want to cheat you out of the cash value. On the flip side, it helps you to stay realistic. While some nearly-new gen phones can sell for a decent chunk of dollars, a lot depends on demand, age, and condition. You will not sell a 5-generation old phone that’s got a cracked screen and doesn’t work well for the same price you paid!

Find Everything The Phone Came With

Are you the type of person who keeps their phone’s box, instruction manual, and headset? Then it’s your lucky day. Phones that come with all their accessories, including the box, will fetch a higher price than the phone alone will. 

Where to Sell Your Phone

Deciding how much to sell your phone for was the first step. Now it’s time to decide where to sell your phone. You have a few options. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons, of course. Let’s take a look at two popular ways to sell a pone

Sell Directly Person-to-Person

Selling directly peer-to-peer is probably what you thought of when we spoke of secondhand phone sales. It’s a tried and true way to sell, but has its pitfalls. Think of all those funny online sales memes you’ve seen. Now imagine being the person receiving them? Sadly, some people will do anything for a deal, including making up horrible lies to get you to drop your price, offering insulting amounts, haggling endlessly over silly things in the hopes of wearing you down, or just being obnoxious. Add to these guys the timewasters, and it can get annoying fast. 
However, it’s possible to sell for a good price person-to-person. If you do find a buyer, please bear personal safety in mind. Don’t invite them to your home. Pick a neutral location, perhaps a police station. Many have online sales areas now. The buyer will want to see the item is legit, so have it charged so you can prove it, but don’t let them take it from you without the cash in your hand. And avoid delayed payments like checks or transfers, they’re too easy to spoof.

Sell Through a Marketplace

Does that sound like a little too much bother for you? Don’t worry about it, you’re not alone. That’s exactly why marketplaces like Gizmogo exist. Here you simply bring in the device, have it evaluated, are offered a price, and decide if you accept. While you get the lower end of average instead of the upper end you can (sometimes) push peer-to-peer sales too, you get a fair market value and can get rid of the problem immediately. No hassle, no fuss, tick it off the list and move on.

Introduction to Gizmogo

Gizmogo is proud to offer you the chance to sell your phone in a simple, effective, and trustworthy online environment. We even help you get the device to us through free USPS or UPS shipping, so you don’t have to incur extra costs. Once your device is received and evaluated, we’ll offer you the price. Like it? The money will be with you in three to five business days. Boom! Sorted. 
Are you keen to get your phone or other gadgets sold? Let Gizmogo help. You can get in touch with us today.