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Where Can I Sell My Phone? 

Get maximum cash back by selling your old cell phone to Gizmogo. The entire process is fast, easy and safe. First, choose which phone you have to sell. Then, select which phone carrier your cell is under. Next, choose the memory capacity of the phone you want to sell. It will make a difference when it comes to payout time. Finally, choose what condition the used phone is in. Once you submit all of the requested information, you will receive a quote for selling your cell phone. Pretty easy, right? We buy back all major cell phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia and so many more. We also accept different colors and models.

Can I Sell My Broken Phone?

Yes! We have come up with an easy way to get you maximum cash for your broken phone. It's easy and only takes a few clicks to complete. Get an instant online quote for free and see what Gizmogo can pay you.


How Do I Get an Offer Once I Sell My Phone?

Once you submit the required information, we will automatically send you an offer to buy your old phone. That offer is good for up to 15 days, but the sooner you send the phone in, the sooner you will have that extra cash in your pocket. Gizmogo’s way of decluttering your space of old electronics is simple and convenient for your busy life. Go ahead and give us a try. What have you got to lose? 

Sell My Phone Online Fast for Cash

1. How it works

2. Why sell my phone to Gizmogo

3. Gizmogo can resolve your problem and the environment’s problem  

4. Sell my phone for top dollar without compromising privacy or security  

5. How can I do a check IMEI?


Section 1: How it works

Select the phone you want to sell, and we will automatically provide you an offer. If you agree with it, ship it to us. Our technicians will conduct a professional evaluation of your device to determine the condition. If the condition is better than you thought, we will increase our original offer! If we need to lower the offer, you can request a return at no cost to you.

Quotes: When it comes to quotes on selling your phone, we ensure that we give you a fair price based on the condition of your used cell phone. On many occasions, our customers have sent us a phone making a low initial offer, only for us to increase it after an evaluation! On the other hand, if we quote a lower price than you expected and you’re not satisfied, we’ll send your phone right back to you - free of charge.     



Section 2: Why Should I Use Gizmogo to Sell My Phone?


Best Price Guarantee  

We care about the environment a whole lot. We do our part by recycling old, broken and used phones and pay maximum cash to continue our mission. Our offers for your used phones will always be top dollar.         


Professional Data Protection

We understand how important your privacy is. That is why each phone we receive goes through a data deletion process not once but seven times. This ensures any information left is completely erased, ensuring you are protected and secure. Gizmogo respects your privacy and will never give out your information to third parties.  


We offer you free USPS shipping

Ship your used cell phone for free! You won’t have to pay a dime to send it. We will provide you a free shipping label after you submit your order. We also offer prepaid shipping boxes so you can easily ship your device back to us.


Fast Payment

No need to wait. Gizmogo will pay you within 24 hours (*on weekdays) via the payment method you chose.

Gizmogo offers payments via PayPal, Check, or Amazon Gift card.

*Excluding national and federal holidays


Section 3. Gizmogo can Resolve your Problem and the Environment’s Problem


How we help you

If you have old cell phones lying around, sell them to us! We’d love to take them off your hands. We’ll pay you the highest possible price for it. Whether your phone works or not, we still want it. In return, you’ll get cash - NOT store credit! You don’t even have to pay for shipping. Just accept our offer, and ship your phone to us for free. Once we get it, we’ll assess it and quote you an accurate and final price.    


How we help the environment

Together, we play a part in preserving the environment. When you sell your phone to us, that’s one less phone in the landfill. Check out these eye-opening facts from E-waste:

1. 2% of landfills in the United States is E-waste, totaling 70% of all toxic waste in the country

2. Over 20 million metric tons of e-waste is discarded around the world  

3. Cell phones have high amounts of silver and gold. In the United States, people throw away cell phones comprising more than $60 million in silver or gold each year.

4. A large amount of what is labeled as E-waste is not actually waste, but entire electronic parts or devices that you can resell or recycle for materials

5. Currently only 12.5% of E-waste is salvaged

6. E-waste continues to be the most rapidly growing municipal waste in the U.S. 


 Section 4: Sell my Old Phone for Cash without Compromising on Your Privacy and Security

We take great care in protecting your privacy and security. Once you accept our offer, we’ll perform a complete data deletion service on your phone, ensuring none of your personal information or details are left anywhere on the phone.

Your personal information will not leave your phone, leak out, or be given to any third-party company. Once it’s deleted, there’ll be no traces left of it, and we’ll make sure of that. Sell your phone to us because we’re a reliable and dependable company – don’t take our word for it. Just ask our customers!


Section 5: We want you to keep us around!

We strive to develop a long-term relationship with you. We aim to become your go-to company to sell your phones and electronic devices. We’ll go out of our way to assist you with answers to all your questions. Our relationship starts from the first time you sell your phone. From there, we are confident you will use us again and again.

Let’s get you cash for the new phone you want! Let’s recycle together! It takes a team effort to save the environment. And if it benefits you in return, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal. Sell us your phone for cash to reap the benefits.

If you want to sell your phone for cash or have a couple of phones lying around in your house, sell your used phones to us right away.

We have your cash, and we’re just waiting for you to contact us!


Section 6. How Can I IMEI Check Online?

You can check IMEI number of your phone before buying a used device. As a result, you will see if the device is valid and original. You can also check if the specification matches what the seller has stated. We also encourage you to use the IMEI information to learn more about your phone.