Unleashing a New Era of Gaming: BenQ's Latest Laser Projectors Redefine Home Entertainment

As gaming and home entertainment technology advances the line between reality and virtual reality can blur. In the thick of this revolution, the latest TK710 and TK710STi 4K casual gaming projectors from BenQ redefine an immersive viewing experience for the gamer and movie enthusiast. Here is an overview of the high performance features these laser projectors deliver.

The Power of LASER: A Brilliant Leap Forward

At the core of both the TK710 and TK710STi is the laser technology. Powered by 4K UHD laser with 3200 ANSI lumens and 20,000 hours of light source life, BenQ has raised the bar for brightness and reliability, as well as a consistent, top-notch visual performance.

Immersion Like Never Before: Specs That Speak Volumes

Bringing Worlds to Life with Stunning Visuals

All this is made clear by the numbers: while the Rec.709 rating of the TK710 and TK710STi stands for the ability to portray 95 per cent of movie colours, the HDR coverage indicates that these projectors can produce deeper, more nuanced shadows, and brighter whites, allowing you to see movies as filmmakers intended, in the brightness of noon or the depths of night.

A Gamer's Dream: Low Input Lag and HDR Game Mode

Given the importance of timing in gaming, BenQ has designed the TK710 and TK710STi to have an input lag of just 16.7 ms for 4K at 60 Hz and lower at 4.2 ms for 1080p at 240 Hz, while special HDR game modes help to eliminate ghosting and emphasise detail so that the fast action unfolds in full and glorious bloom.

Installation and Versatility: Designed for Every Space

No user is the same and, to suit them, BenQ designs its projectors to meet the needs of all users. These projectors are easy to install and can be orientated in a variety of ways to make any space, day or night, your gaming cave or home movie theatre.

Embracing the Game: Pricing and Availability

Reflecting BenQ’s commitment to offering high-fidelity entertainment at accessible prices, the TK710 and TK710STi will ship at $1,799 and $1,999 – on BenQ.com and Amazon.com – and invite gamers and cinemaphiles alike to upgrade their home entertainment.

A Statement from BenQ

‘We the BenQ brand have always been committed to bringing the newest innovation to consumers and bringing the best viewing experience to our users,’ says BenQ North America’s senior director Houston Wei. ‘We understand the need for dynamic, easy-to-use [and] versatile projectors that let gamers or movie lovers enjoy high quality images and high speed projects in virtually any room and environment.’ Which explains why the TK210 and TK210STi come with Motion Estimation Multi-Meeting (MEM) frames, allowing the projection of 100-inch images from up to 13.7 feet away, and energy-saving modes that can make the projector run for up to seven hours on a single charge. According to Wei, the TK710 and TK710STi are not just viewing devices, but the gateways to new worlds.

Towards a Future Brightened by LASER

The brightness, longevity and performance levels being achieved by laser luminaires such as the TK710 and TK710STi make BenQ a global leader as it tries to make the living room feel like the movie theatre or a gaming sanctuary.

The Magnificence of LASER Technology

Still, the big story behind BenQ’s new offering, and its biggest selling point, is the company’s innovative leap from a lamp-based to a laser-based projection system. In other words, the TK710 and TK710STi are the result of a decision by BenQ to ride the exciting wave of laser projection technology and bring it to consumers. This means customers will benefit from increased brightness longevity, energy efficiency and a fuller, richer picture – a set of advantages that have been waiting in the wings of the projection industry for a long time. The TK710 and TK710STi are gaming projectors that are also the heralds of an exciting future where every visual on screen is an event, and every game is an adventure, waiting to be experienced.

You only have to look at BenQ’s laser projectors, which dazzle with their energy and vitality, to see what entertainment will soon look like. Because you won’t be watching any more, you will be experiencing every play, scene and frame, with all the drama and comedy that our passions, our hopes and fears throw up. The era of gaming and movies is about to get a whole lot brighter.

Jun 06, 2024
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