Get # Prime Planning: Unlocking the Secrets to Amazon PRIME DAY 2024

It’s Amazon Prime Day 2024, and the deals are about to be unleashed. Amazon Prime Day is a shopping bonanza held in July for Prime members, where tech, clothing, and household items of all kinds are offered at a discount. Whether you reside in the US or elsewhere in the world for the Prime Day 2024 event, this day-long affair will offer you some of the best deals of the year on everything from smart home devices to patio furniture. In this guide, we’ll show you how to navigate all the deals to make sure you come away with the best gadgets and tech Amazon and other retailers can offer.

What's the Prime Day Buzz?

The actual dates for Amazon Prime Day 2024 have yet to be announced, but 2023’s event will likely be in early July, a time of year when shoppers know the deals will be good for Prime members and, with luck, for everyone else as well. (Amazon is known to share some of its generosity with all shoppers during this time, and its rivals such as the department stores Target and Best Buy will be offering deals of their own.) Walmart jumped ahead of Amazon and launched a Walmart+ Week, July 11 to 17, that challenges Prime Day with exclusive member offers, including steep discounts on gas and travel.

Prime Deals: A Sneak Peek

Amazon has a history of starting its Prime Day deals early, like enticing you with a Prime Day appetiser. You can expect 2024’s Prime Day deals to start to leak as Amazon officially announces the event. Expect classic Amazon discounts for things like Echo devices, Kindles, Fire TV sticks and more. Prime Day 2024 will also see big discounts on a huge range of electronics such as headphones, gaming accessories, TVs and more.

Lightning Deals and How to Catch Them

Next are the ‘Lightning deals’, brief time-sensitive opportunities, some of the best bargains on the site but gone in seconds if you’re not fast enough. Our tip: monitor the prices of your favourite items, and pounce when they drop.

Get Set for PRIME DAY

The way to beat Prime Day is to plan ahead. Don’t go into the buying frenzy blindly. Make yourself a list and stick to it. Create an Amazon wish list so you can go shopping efficiently. Organising your favourite things beforehand helps you to be more targeted in your search for bargains and not get carried away.

Early Bird Deals

Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon published some of its best offers yet. The Echo Buds, discounted at $40 off. The latest Echo speaker, bundled with a smart bulb. A Fire tablet leaving its dock at 30 per cent off. In a countdown to the main event, Amazon is highlighting deals that, in just a few weeks, could be dubbed ‘tremendous prime’.

Why PRIME DAY Matters

Amazon Prime Day isn’t just another shopping event. It’s a rowdy summer carnival where retailers want to show off the best of their sales. Think of the massive traffic and sales that occur every Thanksgiving Friday or weekend. It’s a party that both consumers and companies love, so why not make it happen every now and then?

About Prime

It’s not just a ticket to participate in Prime Day: Amazon Prime membership is a contract for a dizzying array of benefits, including free two-day shipping for many items, but also everything from video streaming to music to free books for children. It’s a world of retail and entertainment unified by the term prime.

Waiting impatiently for the Prime Day sales in the year 2024? This is the time to prepare for your shopping spree – there are savings waiting for the taking! Are you a computer or phone enthusiast? Are you a fashionista? Or are you just wanting to buy lots of useful household items? If your answer’s yes, then Prime Day is the time to go gadget-mad and grab that high-tech gear at the right price.

Jun 13, 2024
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