Why Gizmogo and Tesla are more similar than you think?

The need of the hour is to have clean alternatives. CO2 emissions have been a cause of an overall increase in heat and temperature rise on Earth.

While individuals can help reduce the emissions of CO2 gases, a significant change can only be achieved if the companies also step up to help with the change.

The environment consciousness is where we come to the similarity between Gizmogo and Tesla. Some companies are willing to take the initiative to help improve the environment. The availability of such companies is less than expected.

The similarity between Tesla and Gizmogo

Tesla has been investing time and money in creating clean energy-based cars and lowering the world’s carbon emissions. why-gizmogo-and-tesla-are-more-similar-than-you-think

The prevention method

As for Gizmogo, they have dedicated the company to help reduce e-waste in the world. With the abundance of technology and the latest updates coming each month, humans have started to create e-waste that, too, at a tremendous rate.

It is best to reduce and reuse whenever possible if you want to reduce humanity’s waste. At Gizmogo, they offer the service of buying your old products from people and either selling it for further use. If that is not possible, they will recycle the product. It includes using the parts for repairs and taking the parts that do not work for its metal.


The main goal of Gizmogo services is to increase the life-cycle of technology while reducing the adverse effects on the environment. The added value of reusing and recycling is passed to the people.

However, that is not all! They are also dedicated to the environment and aim to reduce the overall damage being done.

The replenishing

It includes planting trees to improve air quality and overall oxygen levels. Gizmogo does not plant trees for the logs; they take care of the plants and encourage people who sell electronics on Gizmogo to look at the work to check our work’s authenticity.

It means that they plant a tree for every electronic sold on the website to help improve the environment. So, your sale on the website gets you money and adds value to the world by increasing oxygen and other benefits that come with planting trees.

Wrapping it up

Among the list of carbon neutral and carbon negative companies, Gizmogo and Tesla do have a place and a role to play. The world may not be ready to let go of consumerism and comfort, but it can still cause a change in the world by supporting the right brands and looking for ethical companies that help make the world a better place for you and generations to come.