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Wondering how to sell your phone – Gizmogo

Our phone means everything to us. Okay, not everything, but most of us are pretty attached to our phones. Statistics show that an average adult from the US spent slightly less than 3 hours on their smartphone in 2019. 2 hours and 55 minutes to be more precise, which is a 9-minute increase from 2018. Of course, we immediately forget about our old phone the moment we buy a new one. Many of us make the mistake of throwing the old phone into a drawer and forgetting it ever existed. What can you do with it, you ask? Easy – you can sell it. Now we reach the main question – how to sell your phone. Well, there are several options if I want to sell my phone and fewer if I want to sell my phone for cash today.

You can sell your phone in person

In fact, when you ask how to sell your phone – there are two options. You can sell it in person, but you can also sell it online. If you go with the first option, you will need to find a place near you that is buying old phones. That can be a phone repair shop, but it can also be a retail shop that sells phones. Beware that these companies might not give you the price you expect or think you should be getting for your phone. If your phone isn’t working, they probably won’t even consider buying it, it is of no use to them. Going through multiple brick and mortar facilities in your vicinity will increase the likelihood of getting a good offer, but you will need to set aside time and be ready to drive around town in search of the best offer.

Trying to sell your phone directly to a person who’s looking to buy a second-hand cell phone, is another possible answer to the question how to sell your phone. Finding that potential buyer is more difficult than it seems. It needs to be someone who either lives nearby or is willing to cover shipping costs and buy a phone without seeing it first and there’s a lower level of security.

Still, if this is the option you’re willing to consider, go through some of the social media groups where people are buying and selling things and see for yourself.

Online is always a better option – gizmogo

The option that we are offering – gizmogo, is the perfect answer to the question how to sell your phone. Just give us your phone details, including its condition and whether it works and we will give you a quote. If you accept the quote and think it’s a fair offer, you will get a free shipping quote so you can send us your phone. Once we receive it, you will get paid within the next 24 hours.

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