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Sell LG K7 


The LG K series was the successor of the L series. In 2015, the L series had reached its third generation, and LG felt it was time to move on, which they did in this relatively new product line. In 2016 along with the K10, the K7 showed up at the Las Vegas convention exposition after being unveiled in the Consumer Electronics Show of that year in India.


If you come across an LG Tribute 5, it is the same phone as the K7 – an Android smartphone in the budget range. It wasn’t made to be sophisticated, but it did pack several remarkable features. 


It offers a 480 x 854-pixel IPS display and has two different models – an LTE and a 3G version. Apart from the network compatibility, there are few differences between the two variants. The LTE has a quad-core CPU that ticks at 1.1GHz, while the 3G variant clocks at 1.3GHz. They come with 8GB internal storage and 1GB and 1.5GB RAM for the more extensive storage, and 1GB RAM for the smaller one.


The K7 attracts attention to itself by its appealing attention. It is on the affordable end, which means it will sacrifice some features and specs. One of these areas is its display. The 5-inch screen deserves more than the resolution is received. Other smartphones in this category outperform the K7 here with full HD display and at even lower prices. 


Like its twin sibling, the K10, this phone has set its design peculiarity in the curved glass attached to a textured design on the back cover. Apart from that, the K7 doesn’t have more to tell; it is an essential inexpensive phone with great design and can handle the typical day to day smartphone use. 


You don’t have to buy a new device from scratch if you’re on a budget; you can sell your K7 on Gizmodo or opt for an upgrade instead.


LG K7 Specifications 

Design info: The LK 7 is not small. Relatively large is a more appropriate term. It is made of plastic but the fancier and more expensive black polycarbonate material that you’ll find on good mid-range smartphones. 


Separate from the materials used, the K7 has a lovely pebble textured design and decent engineering, somewhat similar to the discontinued K series. The textured back panel design and 2.5D curved glass are reminiscent of its preceded series. In summary, the LG K7 has an elegant design with a premium taste that makes it appear more expensive. 


The 2.5 D Arc glass in front of the phone continues into the side in a nice bend. This way, it not only looks nicer but feels better when held. 

It is lightweight, at least for its size, making it even better to handle. It measures 8.8mm in thickness and 153.5mm in height. You’ll have no problem using it in one hand or storing it in your pocket. 


The K7 does something interesting; it houses its entire buttons on its rear side. Very weirdly so, you’ll find the volume controls, the power/lock buttons on the back along with the rear camera, its LED flash and the phone’s speaker. The curved glass was probably the reason the sides couldn’t house these necessary buttons. 


It has a thick bezel, thicker at the chin and top. The speaker grille and front camera are above the screen. Below it, a loud LG signature. There are no physical buttons on the screen, though.


USB port, microphone and headphone jack are the elements underneath the phone on the bottom. 


The LG K7 doesn’t bend easily, neither will it creak easily on exertion. It is pretty durable and sturdy.


Capacity info: For the 3G model, the internal storage is 8GB combined with 1GB RAM. The LTE combines 16GB with 1.5GB of RAM.


Size & Weight info: It weighs 161g and measures 143.6 x 72.5 x 9.1mm.


Display info: The K7 sports a 5-inch TFT LCD screen, which didn’t offer full HD resolution. Its 854 x 480 pixel is a low resolution that was made to accommodate its affordability. But it isn’t a terrible resolution; the 196-pixel density on this 5-inch screen still performs well and hides the low key satisfactorily. 


It can produce dynamic display content and relatively accurate colours. It falters when compared with the 1280 x 720 resolution of phones in its class. Maximum brightness is good enough outdoors, and viewing angles are okay.


Camera and video recording info: The K7 has both a rear camera and a front camera. At the back, there’s an 8MP or 5MP camera depending on the carrier. The front camera is always 5MP, though. The rear camera can record videos in full HD at 640 x 480 pixels.


Water-resistance info: The K7 is not water-resistant.


Performance info: The K7 LTE model uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core 1.1GHz chipset, which can be considered old given that there are advanced processors it could substitute for this one. The low-resolution display allows this CPU some respite, though, so it performs okay. The 3G model uses Mediatek MT6580M, a 1.3GHz CPU. It runs on 1.5GB RAM and a rather old Android operating system – 5.1 Lollipop. 


Connectivity info: Connectivity includes Wi-Fi 802, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Bluetooth 4.1, A-GPS, FM Radio and USB 2.0.


Battery info: It has a 2125mAh removable battery. The battery life is decent, running out only after 6 hours of excessive use.



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