4 Things Not To Do While Selling Your Old Phone

You may have all the reasons to sell your old phone, but if not paid enough attention to, the deal can turn out to be a pocket burner for you.

There’s a number of mistakes that can ruin an old phone deal for you. Being aware of those mistakes is crucial, and in this post, we are sharing a list of these mistakes.

Here are four things that you must not do while selling your old phone.

1. Don’t Rush In

Being in a hurry while selling your old phone can be a perfect recipe for failure.

And why’s that so?

Well, when you are trying to make a quick buck, you may sell off your phone before you even find a good deal.

That will make you lose money, and you may have to regret later.

So, don’t rush in. Do some research, and find a good deal for your used phone.

2. Don’t Upload/Share Low Quality Pictures

While you are trying to sell your used phone, you may have to share pictures of the device.

And this holds true in all cases, whether you are selling your phone on an online portal or to a stranger.

However, sharing poor quality pictures, in this case, can make you lose a good deal. Also, websites that buy used phones may not show your ad to many potential buyers due to the poor quality of the image.

So, make sure that you are not making this mistake. Click a good picture of your phone, including the accessories if possible, and then upload or share it.

3. Don’t Lie About Issues

Your old phone might have developed a few issues, and that is okay because it’s just a machine.

But if you hide away the issues from the potential buyer, you may get into trouble.

The deal may be withdrawn, plus, it may add up to your hassles.

So, understand that selling your phone by deceiving the buyers is not a good idea. The best and the quickest way to sell your old phone is by being crystal clear about the device and its shortcomings.

4. Don’t be Careless About The Cleanliness of Device

Have you ever heard the quote, “What looks good, sells good?”

Well, the words are true and must be kept in mind while selling your old phone.

To get a good deal, it would be best to clean up the device’s body and reset the OS as well.

Note that, whether you are about to sell your iPhone 11 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, to get a good deal, you should make your device look presentable.

Final words

Getting a good price while selling your old phone may sometimes be a challenging task. And every single mistake can add considerably to your problems.

In this post, we mentioned four such problems that you must avoid while selling your old phone.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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