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Is Samsung or iPhone camera better?

Let’s be honest, we love taking photos. Especially younger people, they take dozens of selfies every day. Statistics show that the average American would take about 20 photos with their smartphone every day. Since there are many who don’t take photos, or take just a few, this clearly means that many take a lot more […]

A lady wondering who’s better Samsung or iPhone?

If smartphone models and companies were people, then the most asked question in the world of smartphones would’ve been who’s better Samsung or iPhone? Let’s treat them as individuals, or sports collectives and try to answer the said question. Samsung, or more particularly Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone have been the two most sold and, generally speaking, […]

Xbox x vs ps5 graphics details

The ever-evolving world of gaming has everything you need for the perfect escape. It is genuinely an ever-advancing form of entertainment as each year, and the graphics become better with every passing year. However, people who are new to gaming or graphics might not be aware of the meaning of the various words thrown at […]

Xbox x vs ps5

Xbox X and PS5 are releasing in the same window of time. There are a considerable number of factors and features that the video game lovers would have to consider while buying either one or both of them. At present, both the consoles are claiming to offer the most ambitious and graphically impressive gaming. The cost […]

best phone in the world – Samsung or iPhone?

There are a number of popular and high-quality smartphones, as well as a number affordable, yet decent devices all over the world. Still, if we are to decide which make and model rules the world of smartphones, it generally boils down to the following: Is Samsung or iPhone best? Most people already have formed opinion […]

Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS

In the past decade or so, it has always been the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy vs the latest iPhone version. These are the two most popular phones, these are the two most sought after phones and these are the phones that sell the highest number of items. So, is Samsung S10 vs iPhone […]

What’s better – Samsung or iPhone?

This is our take on one of the most discussed and most frequently asked questions in the world of cell phones nowadays – What’s better Samsung or iPhone? It really depends on your approach and what do you look for in a smartphone, but one thing is certain, the choice is almost always narrowed down […]

xbox x vs ps5 games

Gaming consoles are a prized possession for the game lovers. The market has two major competitors when it comes to gaming consoles with the latest graphics and the best games to play, X Box and Play Station. The ownership of the Play Station console series belongs to Sony, whereas the ownership of the relatively newer console series […]

Samsung Camera better or iPhone camera

We all know that the phones are not just for calling and text messages nowadays. In fact, that’s probably the least what we use them for nowadays. Taking pictures, including selfies, panorama photos, boomerang and many more. These are particularly popular with younger people and they are the most important demographic for phone companies. One […]

best smartphone in the world – Samsung or iPhone

There are objective parameters when discussing phones and whether one model is better than another. But this is also a matter of personal preference, and each of us has the right to choose which model, company and operating system they prefer and make their pick when buying a new phone. Even those who own or […]