What do we know about the iPhone 12 – Here are the iPhone 12 concepts!

Apple are often very secretive when it comes to the release and the unveiling of new iPhone models, but also other devices. This is part of their strategy. By not releasing enough details, or any details at all, Apple sparks a debate which makes people and, especially potential buyers, even more eager to find out more about the new release. It is believed that these makes people more likely to buy the device once it hits the market. It is a marketing technique and Apple uses a range of such techniques as part of its marketing strategy.
However, Apple regularly publishes concepts that still give people at least some insight into their newer models that are about to be released. In this case we’re talking about the iPhone 12 concepts. Apple has released few concept videos during the summer, months before the expected unveiling on October 13. Apple generally tends to remain true to the concepts because the goal of these videos is to give people a glimpse and then not disappoint them later when the iPhone is actually released.

We will go through some of the iPhone 12 concepts that have been released this year and see how similar they are to the iPhone 12, based on the leaked info that we have, just ahead of the unveiling.

What did we know back in March?

The first concept was released in March, and from today’s perspective, we understand that this is more than half a year before the unveiling of the phone. It was known back in March, that it will be at least six months before the new phone is released.

Back then it was known that there will be a huge change in terms of the design of the new iPhone 12. And that has been confirmed by the leaked info on the phone. The first and the most significant change in terms of design that was known back in March is that the flat metal edges will be similar to the ones on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. This was regarded as a very good move. Apple managed to go both retro and innovative with one simple move. This bold move will surely be rewarded and Apple can expect a very successful quarter following the release of the newest iPhone 12.

The second change that was announced back in March is that Apple will release four models simultaneously for the first time. So far, three models at once was the highest number of versions released at once, but Apple is going one step further with the iPhone 12. This is very important, especially due to the fact that Apple’s competitors, most notably Samsung releases more than one smartphone model, whereas Apple only produces the iPhone.

iPhone 12 May concept

In May, the second concept was released and this gave a bit more details regarding the iPhone 12 and what can we expect from it. Back in May we learned about the new A14 Bionic processor that the iPhone 12 is going to be equipped with. The A14 Bionic processor is a 5-nanometer chip. This concept also brought the news that all models in the series will feature an OLED display which will also be a first for Apple. Furthermore, in May we also learned that there will be a 120 Hertz ProMotion refresh rate but only on the Pro models.

This second iPhone 12 concept confirmed that all models will feature a LiDAR scanner which we now know for a fact. The LiDAR scanner was introduced with the iPad Pro 2020, a device that was unveiled in March this year.

As we said, it was known back in March that Apple will base the design concept on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and this was confirmed. It was also announced that the standard models will come with a dual-lens camera, with the two higher end models featuring up to three lenses, plus the front camera.

The summer concepts

The final two iPhone 12 concepts were released in July and in August. And these just confirmed what we pretty much expected and knew based on the previous concepts with a bit of additional insight. All those who know about iPhones and smartphones in general were pretty much unanimous that the iPhone 12 and 2020 as a year will be something remarkable in the world of smartphones.

With the August concept it became known that the user interface of the notification panel that will be featured on the new iPhone 12 will be based on the already tested and recognized interface on Apple smart watches. It is believed that everything will be shown on this panel, including widgets and notifications, but even health statistics.

Equipped with all this knowledge, both from the concepts that have been released so far and the leaked information from few days ago, there’s just one thing that we can do – wait for the actual release of the new iPhone 12 to see how well it performs compared to previous iPhones.

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