The main difference in ps5 vs xbox x specs and is worth to upgrade

The main difference in ps5 vs xbox x specs and is worth to upgrade

Play Station 5 and X Box Series X are hitting the shelves soon with the release expectation of the holiday season of 2020. It means that both the consoles can drop anywhere between October and December. The speculations and leaks have hinted towards November mid as the release time, but no official announcement has yet made.

However, the people’s expectations, a range of announcements made by the companies, and the latest developments by the game developers have put people back into question about the xbox x and ps5 specifications help to figure out which one is better.

Comparison of ps5 vs xbox x specs

At present, the ps5 vs xbox series x specs comparison has turned into a fight of better graphic card v/s better design of the internal storage with better speed. The xbox series x boosts an overall better CPU and GPU, PS5 has a significant advantage in terms of the speed of the internal drive. Every other feature mentioned until now is pretty similar in both the consoles and does not cause any reason to favor one over the other.

However, for people who already have a variant of either Xbox or Play Station console, the first question is whether they should buy the new console. So, here is the information you might need to come to your conclusion

Comparison with the older version:

Both the companies have come leaps and bound forward compared to the previous consoles they have launched. Xbox Series x claimed that their new console would be four times stronger than the X Box One and on paper that appears valid.

PS4 and PS5 also have a massive difference in performance overall specifications that are available on the consoles. PS5 outshines PS4, and that has been a cause of great relief for the gamers looking for a new and better gaming experience.


While making the buying decision, it is crucial to remember that Microsoft and Sony are offering backward compatibility to make gaming more inclusive. So, there is no need to run and get the console at the first sale. However, the difference in the next-gen console’s overall speed genuinely sparks intrigue. You do not have to get one right away; however, if the price is right, then the upgrade is worth it.


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