Differences between xbox x vs ps5 controller

The controller of a gaming console is a crucial aspect of the gaming experience. For some, it can be a reason to buy or not buy a console. The fact that controllers are the bridge that connects the actions of the gamers with the game makes it an essential part of the console.

However, one thing to remember is that the controllers should be easy to use, with excellent response time and comfortable in hand to be acceptable.


Here is xbox x vs ps5 controller comparison

The design:

The designs for both the controllers are pretty similar to their predecessors. The color scheme has switched between the two, with the PS5 controller being white with two blue lines, and X Box X controller being black.

Both the designs lack hard corners, which makes the controllers look more futuristic. Though, we have to wait for the controllers to be in our hands before we make the final judgment. Also, to note that the PS5 controller looks more like an X Box Series X controller, especially in the form of layout.

Moreover, the layout and the design of the controllers are familiar, which means that there will not be a huge learning curve to get accustomed to the controllers while playing your favorite games.

The main differences between xbox x vs ps5 controller

While comparing the two controllers, it is easy to see that X Box Series X has not been very innovative with the controller design and features. It has the same buttons and functions as its predecessors.

PS5, on the other hand, comes with several new features that have the gamers excited about the launch. To begin with, PS5 DualSense Controller comes with a headphone jack and a microphone that enables players to speak to their friends without the headset.

Share and create button

X Box controllers did not have a share button till now, where PS and Nintendo, both had already launched the feature in their controllers. X Box seems to be catching up here because they have introduced a share button now.

However, PS5 is taking it one step further by changing the share button with the create button. We have to wait for more details on the new features that will come with the new switch.

Charging source

X Box Controller and PS5 come with a c-type port. You can recharge the controller of PS5 to play games. X Box, but in the case of the X Box controller, you will need Double AA batteries to play wireless.

Backward compatibility

X Box X has announced that its controller will have backward compatibility with X Box One and will also work with your computer.

PS5 has not denied or confirmed backward compatibility or PC compatibility of the controller, which appears to be quite alarming, especially for people who like to use controllers for various systems.


Both the controllers have new features and some specifications that are yet to be revealed. We still have to wait for the final result. For now, it appears that PS5 will win this fight against X Box X in the xbox x vs ps5 controller.

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