The Xbox x vs. ps5 controller details and importance

Consoles have become the new rage among the gaming community. Hence, the release of new consoles comes with a range of input from people from all over the world. When the battle is between Microsoft’s X Box and Sony’s Play Station, the console lovers take the announcements even more seriously.

Here, all the parts of the consoles and their specifications are discussed in detail by the potential buyers. The comparison helps to find the best alternative for them. There are countless opinions on the consoles, and which one performs better than the other, there is less talk about the xbox x and ps5 controller of the consoles.


Why are Xbox x vs. ps5 controller specifications relevant?

The controller is part of the console that players interact with the most. It is the thread that connects your actions to the things happening on the screen. The overall performance of the controller impacts the gaming experience. Hence, it is vital to know all the console controllers’ details before you make a choice.

Overview of the Xbox x vs. ps5 controller

Both Xbox x and ps5 will come out with new controllers for the new consoles releasing in the holiday season of 2020. Where the Xbox x controller does not have a name and PS5 mainly comes with a Dual Sense controller. Both the controllers are unique in terms of design and have several similarities and some dissimilarity in them.

xbox x vs ps5 controller

Specifications Major features

As per the current announcements, some of the significant ps5 features are haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in Microphone Array. X Box X, some critical features are haptic feedback means that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, hybrid D-pad, Dynamic latency input, Bluetooth low energy pairing.

Physical changes

The Xbox x controller hassome difference in the design from its ancestors. The hardware changes include a slightly smaller model and a d-pad for more ergonomic function. The buttons will come with a textured grip.

Moreover, the Xbox x controller finally has the share button. PS controllers had included the share button before. However, this time Sony has replaced it with create button. Social media sharing will be available on both the controllers, but Sony has hinted that the new button will have additional functions. The social media platform that gamers will be able to share their content on instantaneously is still to be announced.

Batteries and charging cables

PS5 controller battery can be easily recharged, whereas Xbox x has AA batteries (X2). Both the controllers use USB Type C charging cable. The system of batteries available in the X box X controller allows consumers more choice, but to some, that might be a problem.


The xbox x vs. ps5 controller decision depends on the preferences of the people. The backward compatibility of the xbox x controller makes it more appealing for the people who play video games at various places. However, the complicated battery system with additional charges can lead people to not opt for this option.

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